The View of “Stray” From Canada

13 going on 30 year-old Canada Stewart weighs in with her view of “Stray”. NOTE: Canada actually submitted this when “Stray” came out, but her submission was lost in spam until a couple of days ago. Our apologies to Canada for the delay.

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Stray, the Experience

In addition to her Lyrical Grace article today regarding “Stray”, Kaedene Powell provides us with a second editorial that describes her experience of listening and watching Grace’s different renditions of “Stray”: audio only, live performance and music video.

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Lyrical Grace: Darkness Keeps Chasing Me

John May, friend of the VanderVault and daily editorialist at Music Charts Now!, was generous enough to share his Lyric Analysis of Darkness Keeps Chasing Me with the Vault today. He has a new take on it, different from my own and Chris Latham’s, one that’s really inspired and moving.

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Lyrical Grace: Sick of Being Told

Mark Lalonde completes the VanderVault’s coverage of Grace VanderWaal’s song catalog with today’s entry…Until new material is introduced. (This does not mean new song breakdowns of tracks we’ve already covered will not be undertaken, but simply that at least one analysis per song is now on the books.)

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Lyrical Grace: Moonlight

Fan-favourite Canada Stewart is back and wants to share with you her thoughts on Grace’s favourite song; “Moonlight”. Please note: Canada, though you would be hard pressed to determine from this article, is 12 years old, and as such her reading on this song is more powerful than what her peers at the writing staff at the Vault could hope to produce. Great job, Canada!

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