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Lyrical Grace: Happy Songs

VanderVault Staff Writer, Kaedene Powell, provides us with her take on a song that Grace VanderWaal wrote, performed and produced independently using the music production software “Garage Band”. She shared it on a non-advertised account on Soundcloud and this past week revealed during an Instagram livestream that she is happy with it existing on that platform and has no desire to remove it.

Because of this statement by Grace, we are releasing Kaedene’s lyric breakdown of the song. We hope you enjoy it.

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Lyrical Grace: “Today and Tomorrow”

This article was first published in our online discussion forum. Come on over to to join the conversation about this article.I’ve never been more impressed with any artist than I am with Grace VanderWaal. Since...

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Grace and Happy Songs

Contributing writer Brad Haney shares his thoughts on Grace’s brilliant new song “Happy Songs” and what it may portend for the next phase in Grace’s musical evolution.

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