Faith in “Stargirl”

Mark Lalonde recaps this last week in the GraceVerse ending April 14th, 2019, including “Stargirl” news, and new photos from IMG Models website.

Building Grace: The Producer

Mark Lalonde begins a new series this Sunday by discussing Grace’s evolving skills as a producer and how the next couple of years in this “it’s a build” phase will benefit that growing skill set.

The Synchronicity of the Two “Stargirls”

Mark Lalonde discusses the two Stargirls in today’s editorial. The article, of course, addresses the problematic situation of how to market Grace’s “Stargirl” when Warner Brothers, through its theatrical films branch, and the DC Universe streaming service, will be releasing its own, completely separate “Stargirl” character. Today’s piece also describes the incredibly unique, and incredibly unlikely set of circumstances, that allowed for both characters, introduced only a year apart on the page, would be in positions to be realized on film twenty years later… possibly to the month; for each.