An Illustrated Glossary of Singing Terms

To get us warmed up for the next four days of Grace touring with Florence + the Machine the VanderVault Staff have put together a glossary of singing terms/techniques, and provided examples of Grace’s use of them. It may give us an even deeper appreciation of Grace’s talent, and give us new things to look for when watching new concert footage of the shows over the next week or so.

Graceful Timbre: A Musical Analysis

16-year-old VanderVault staff writer Miles Beining considers Grace’s sound, specifically the timbre of her songs, and how she and a handful of other artists are doing their best to maintain their artistry in an industry that it would seem would prefer them not to.

Simon Hears a Who!

VanderVault staff writer Prati Moksha breaks down the role of “beat masters” and super-producers’ influence on modern music, and whether they could influence Grace’s sound.

Gracefully Resurrecting Pop Music

VanderVault Staff Writer Gaetan Drapeau today provides us with an insightful and well researched editorial about the state of music today, whether or not it is decaying in quality, and how Grace can influence a change for the better.