The Summer of Grace

Mark Lalonde celebrates Grace VanderWaal’s massively successful summer and introduces a new video from the VanderVault that recaps the last two crazy months.

Grace Thrives on Change

Mark Lalonde watched Grace’s Grammy Museum interview and performance, shares his thoughts on what was shared, plus a few hopes, wishes and more or less realistic predictions.

Amazing Concert in Missouri

The VanderVault welcomes 12-year-old Canada Stewart as our newest contributing writer. Canada attended the Evolve Tour stop in Brandon Missouri last week and brings us this recap of her experience.

Grace in the Arena & Beyond

One month into Grace’s Evolve tour opening for Imagine Dragons, Mark Lalonde summarizes a number of insights, some new, some previously mentioned but here expanded upon.

Paying Dues

Mark Lalonde discusses how, despite our desire to only ever want the best for Grace, sometimes hardships have to be endured to ensure growth and learning experiences.