AGT: Champions – By the Numbers

The VanderVault staff have written an article about AGT Champions, its fairly complicated set of rules, how the shows are filmed completely differently than the regular AGT season, it’s ratings and the limited financial award for the winner. It makes no judgement calls on whether Grace would or should compete, but provides all of the data you need in order to come up with an informed opinion.

Rarest Diamond: Instant Gratification vs. Studied Appreciation

Contributing writer w.c. Starstruck shares with us his own personal experience as a FanderWaal who didn’t initially like/get/understand/appreciate Grace’s latest original songs (“Stray”, “Ur So Beautiful” and “Waste My Time”). The VanderVault endeavours to share as broad a spectrum of opinions as possible, and in that spirit we present w.c.’s which differs diametrically from everyone else on staff.

Please read the whole way through the article before commenting on it as it takes a few twists and turns along the way.

NOTE: This article was submitted hours before Grace debuted her new low-key rock anthem “I Don’t Like U”. I hope w.c. will update his opinions in light of Grace debuting that most recent original song in concert.

Why Grace Won AGT

We’ve been looking forward for so many weeks now, and keeping up with new happenings, that we’re going to stop for a moment and reflect back to where it all began, Grace’s AGT journey. New contributing writer W.C. Starstruck shares his thoughts on exactly why he feels Grace won season 11.