VanderVault Studios History

From its inception, The VanderVault has endeavoured to create original content to not only entertain Grace fans, but to also provide a deeper understanding of Grace’s successes through analysis of industry news as it relates to Grace, interviews with those who have either influenced Grace’s work in some way, or have been greatly influenced and inspired by her.

Additions to our team during the summer of 2018 complemented our skills set to the point where we felt ready to undertake several projects aiming to provide the next level of content to the Grace VanderWaal fan community. Our core team now includes individuals with work experience in large scale project management, business analysis, education, website design, video editing, voice-over work and narration, research and technical writing. These additions provided us with the opportunity to finally begin production of a series of documentaries based on the life and work of Grace VanderWaal.

  • Maureen acts as a producer, narrator and writer for the studio.
  • Prati acts as a producer and lends his talents in the editing department as well.
  • Well-known Grace fan Sam Borgman brings his multi-decade experience in the recording studio to our productions as sound engineer.
  • The artist known as “Claynife” provides us with his imaginative and unique enhancement of the still photographs used in the film.
  • Joseph Alvarado, a classically trained violinist, and Orchestra Director at the Bronx Preparatory Charter School, provides the studio’s first documentary with a score comprised of orchestral arrangements of Grace’s original songs. The score is performed by Orpheus, the school’s orchestra composed of Joseph’s talented students ranging in age from 11 to 18.
  • Mark Lalonde, co-founder of the VanderVault, and its Creative Director, makes his directorial debut on the documentary “Grace VanderWaal: I Now Know My Name” and also co-wrote, with Maureen, the script for the film. He also had a hand in producing and editing our first film.

Upon completion of “Grace VanderWaal: I Now Know My Name”, VanderVault Studios will begin pre-production on its next documentary that showcases individuals in the FanderWaal community and just how much of a positive impact Grace’s art, and example, have had on their lives. It will feature original on-camera interviews spanning the spectrum of Grace’s fans from all over the world, including Grace’s fellow artists and entertainment industry professionals. We hope to release this sophomore effort in the summer of 2020.

In addition to documentaries, VanderVault Studios will also promote and feature short films inspired by Grace’s art, as well as short-form documentaries and exclusive concert footage.

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