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September 5, 2019
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Stars of Disney+ film ‘Stargirl’ discuss how the movie relates to the novel
August 24, 2019
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August 11, 2019
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June 24, 2019
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June 28, 2019
Local Beats CTV Grace VanderWaal FULL Interview
September 16, 2019
Review: Teen prodigy Grace VandeWaal wows crowd at Royale
The Daily Free Press
By Maria Jimenez Moya | September 16, 2019

Throughout the show, VanderWaal carried herself with maturity and class. She smiled constantly and the positive energy she exuded was contagious. Her vocal range is also as impressive in person as it is on TV. People of all ages were at Friday’s show, from children holding up posters of her name to (…)

21 Under 21 2019: Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Mason Ramsey & More of Music’s Next Generation
September 10, 2019

As social media increasingly affects streaming numbers and memes morph into hits, it has never been easier for younger artists to turn viral fame into chart success — a sensation that Mason Ramsey, the only preteen on the 2019 list, knows better than most.

Grace VanderWaal – Patrick Martin – St. Andrews Hall (REVIEW)
By Tommy Marz | September 10, 2019

(…) VanderWaal went on to record the E.P. Perfectly Imperfect and 2017’s full length album Just The Beginning. Her voice sounds great on those recordings but her live voice is even more impressive. She has something that you are born with and can’t teach. Tone. Her vocal tone is special and will earn her even more accolades and awards in the future. That combined with those big tours I mentioned above, this is making for one heck of a career, so far. Oh did I mention that Grace is only FIFTEEN? Yeah.. I’m in awe as well.

Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad | Bay Area Anatomy with Grace Vanderwaal
August 30, 2019 – Grace’s segment is 32m30s – 50m10s.

Fans React To Grace VanderWaal’s New Song, ‘Waste My Time’
Talent Recap
By Jill O’Rourke | Aug 9, 2019

Plenty of fans also took to Twitter to share what they thought of the new track and music video. One user said it “might be the best song I’ve heard this year,” while another praised Grace’s lower voice. Someone called it a “BANGER,” and another fan just can’t stop watching the video.

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Studio sushi and quesadillas ill do that

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Live at World of McIntosh X Farfetch Sunset Sessions Vol. I
June 26, 2019

Grace VanderWaal Tells Us How She Really Feels About Social Media and TBH, It Makes a Lot of Sense
Parade Magazine
By Brittany Gala | July 26, 2019

At just 15 years old, Grace VanderWaal doesn’t remember a time without social media. But the America’s Got Talent season 11 winner sometimes wishes she could—since she’s seen firsthand the stresses it can bring.

Grace VanderWaal Talks “Stargirl” and Her New Single “Waste My Time”
Teen Vogue
By P. Claire Dodson | August 8, 2019

“I’ve realized how much freedom I really have.”

Grace VanderWaal Says She Has to ‘Fight for a Later Curfew’ Like Any Other Teen Her Age
People Magazine
By Brianne Tracy | June 28, 2019

Despite having an America’s Got Talent championship title and millions of fans (including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez!) under her belt, Grace VanderWaal is leading a surprisingly normal life.

The Best New Music Videos of 2019
Marie Claire Magazine
By Rachel Epstein | June 14, 2019

Fifteen-year-old America’s Got Talent prodigy Grace VanderWaal is mesmerizing in her new music video, “Stray,” as scenes flash between herself standing barefoot in the middle of the desert and riding a bike blindfolded amongst a pink sunset. It reflects both her innocence and the looming unpredictability that comes with “the exhilarating fear and freedom of growing up.”

Damn, This Song Is Beautiful
by Mark Lalonde | Jun 28, 2019

Our staff writer Kaedene Powell nailed the ending of Grace’s Ur So Beautiful on Wednesday in her lyric breakdown.

After hearing the brilliant studio recorded, and fully produced, rendition of the song there is definitely a more melancholy and pensive atmosphere being painted for the listener, one dripping with self-doubt and a loneliness that isn’t really present in the live versions Grace has performed of the song. As usual, Grace keeps us on our toes.

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