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‘AGT’ Winner Grace VanderWaal: Where is She Now?
by Beth Heyn | Aug 4, 2020

“I learned so much while making this movie, and I’m ready to apply it and see if I can be good,” she told USA Today. “You can’t really do anything to the best of your ability on the first try or even the second try, but I do want to see. I like to be good at things… There’s this one role that I really, really want, but I don’t want to talk about it because there’s literally like a 30 percent chance that I’ll actually get it.”

Why Social Distancing Is Inspiring Bold, Bright At-Home Dye Jobs
by Lauren Valenti | April 18, 2020

(…) But it wasn’t a stick of Bubblemint that served as inspiration, insists VanderWaal; it was a photograph of pink-haired model Fernanda Ly that she mused on while cocktailing hot pink Splat dye with heaps of conditioner and saturated her strands with help from her sister.

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