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America’s Got Talent Winner Grace Vanderwaal Looks Completely Different Now
The List
by Nicole Width | Dec 18, 2020

While the video of her actually shaving her head is lighthearted — she had a friend [Note: it was actually her sister] do it for her using what they didn’t realize was actually a dog grooming — another follow up post revealed a more serious message. As Talent Recap reported, Vanderwaal’s deleted post had this simple message, “I can’t explain it but I’ve been filled with hope and motivation to get better and heal my past. I’m so excited for the future for all of us. Every day is a gift of potential progression and new beginnings.”

‘AGT’ Winner Grace VanderWaal: Where is She Now?
by Beth Heyn | Aug 4, 2020

“I learned so much while making this movie, and I’m ready to apply it and see if I can be good,” she told USA Today. “You can’t really do anything to the best of your ability on the first try or even the second try, but I do want to see. I like to be good at things… There’s this one role that I really, really want, but I don’t want to talk about it because there’s literally like a 30 percent chance that I’ll actually get it.”

Why Social Distancing Is Inspiring Bold, Bright At-Home Dye Jobs
by Lauren Valenti | April 18, 2020

(…) But it wasn’t a stick of Bubblemint that served as inspiration, insists VanderWaal; it was a photograph of pink-haired model Fernanda Ly that she mused on while cocktailing hot pink Splat dye with heaps of conditioner and saturated her strands with help from her sister.

The Top 10 Disney+ Films of 2020
by Drew Taylor | Dec 5, 2020

The bedrock of Stargirl is fairly straightforward, but co-writer/director Julia Hart handily avoids turning Stargirl into a manic pixie dream girl (high school edition) and embroiders the visuals with warm colors and fuzzy textures. And that is to say nothing of the elaborate musical sequences that are utter showstoppers that somehow also remain earthly and relatable (VanderWaal does a killer version of underrated Beach Boys gem “Be True to Your School”).

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