‘Stargirl’ Costars Grace Vanderwaal and Graham Verchere Share Their Experiences Making the Musical Romantic Drama
by KCTV5 | July 27, 2020

VIDEO: Actors Grace Vanderwaal and Graham Verchere talk about their relationships to their characters and what it was like on the set of ‘Stargirl’.


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Fit was pretty good-night was better

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Choose your player vibes

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Why Social Distancing Is Inspiring Bold, Bright At-Home Dye Jobs
by Lauren Valenti | April 18, 2020

(…) But it wasn’t a stick of Bubblemint that served as inspiration, insists VanderWaal; it was a photograph of pink-haired model Fernanda Ly that she mused on while cocktailing hot pink Splat dye with heaps of conditioner and saturated her strands with help from her sister.


‘Stargirl’: Grace VanderWaal on Taking on Her First Lead Acting Role
by Christina Radish | March 24, 2020

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, former America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal talked about taking on her first lead acting role…


How Stargirl Helped Grace VanderWaal Accept That “You’re Never Going to Make Everyone Happy”
by Kelsie Gibson | March 24, 2020

Grace VanderWaal was pretty much born to play the title character in Disney+’s Stargirl, but that doesn’t mean she’s exactly like her.


Stargirl director Julia Hart on why now is the right time for the Disney+ adaptation
Entertainment Weekly
by Sydney Bucksbaum | March 13, 2020

[Julia Hart: ] What I loved most about the book is how it wasn’t afraid to explore the dark side of kindness, this idea of intent versus impact. So many happy, positive stories about young people don’t even go there. I love that Stargirl wanted to do the right thing but there are consequences if you don’t know the whole story of the people you’re trying to help. I love how she learns and her exploring being someone different than who she felt like she was but also coming back to her true self, that felt exciting and new to me. That was important to me to preserve.


Welcome to Graceland
Marie Claire
by Kaitlin Menza | March 13, 2020

Teenage singing sensation Grace VanderWaal is adding “movie star” to her list of accolades. But she isn’t ditching the recording studio just yet.


Grace VanderWaal’s first onscreen kiss in Disney’s ‘Stargirl’ was a ‘big deal’
USA Today
by Carly Mallenbaum | March 13, 2020

Her ukulele is the same size, but Grace VanderWaal has grown up plenty since she first appeared on TV as a 12-year-old “America’s Got Talent” champion in 2016.


“Stargirl” Star Grace VanderWaal on the Disney+ Movie and Why Teens Should Play Teens Onscreen
Teen Vogue
by P. Claire Dodson | March 13, 2020

“I think a lot of kids look at these 20-year-olds who are supposed to be 16 and then wonder why they don’t look like that.”


Grace VanderWaal Rocked Glitter Eyeshadow to the “Stargirl” Premiere
Teen Vogue
by Gianluca Russo | March 11, 2020

With just a few days left until Disney’s highly-anticipated Stargirl arrives, the cast of the film has taken to the red carpet to celebrate. Among them, of course, was the one and only Grace VanderWaal who showed up rocking some major makeup inspo.


‘Stargirl’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: When is the New Disney Plus Movie Out?
by Samuel Spencer | March 9, 2020

…America’s Got Talent star Grace VanderWaal has been cast as Stargirl, a quirky girl who brings the shy Leo Borlock (played by Graham Verchere) out of his shell.


Stargirl’s Stellar Cast and Standout Message Shine on Disney+
by Beth Deitchman | March 9, 2020

‘But VanderWaal’s connection to the character was apparent from that first instance, Hart emphasizes, recalling, “When I first saw [Grace’s] audition, she was just Stargirl.” ‘


Grace VanderWaal Is Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl
by Morgan Baila | March 9, 2020

She captured America’s — and Taylor Swift’s — heart when she won America’s Got Talent at 12. Four years later, Grace VanderWaal is so much more than the girl with the ukulele.


New Listen: Grace VanderWaal – Today and Tomorrow (From Disney’s Stargirl)
by Tommy Marz | March 6, 2020

(…) In fact, the whole vocal seems so relaxed and natural that there’s an element of an unrehearsed, spontaneous performance that only great vocalists can achieve. I’m only speculating here, but it’s almost as if she walked into the studio and laid this down in one or two takes. Whatever the case – she nailed it.


How Grace VanderWaal Got Ready For Her First Paris Fashion Week
by Lauren McCarthy | March 5, 2020

(…) “This is my first time in France,” she shared. “I’ve wanted to go to Paris since I was in the sixth grade.” Naturally, she was taking full advantage of the momentous trip. Despite landing less than 24 hours prior, she’d already began embarking on the full Parisian experience. “I went to a cafe and tried to order in French,” she said. “I did it twice — the first time I felt like the coolest person in the world, so elegante, so jolie. Then the second time I felt ridiculous. I had a baguette and escargot. It was incredible. I like escargot so, so, so much.”


Hear Grace VanderWaal’s ‘Today and Tomorrow’ Ahead of ‘Stargirl’ Release
Rolling Stone
by Brittany Spanos | March 6, 2020

Teenage singer-songwriter returns to her ukulele for song featured in film debut


‘Disney Insider’, a Behind-the-Scenes Disney Documentary, Is Coming to Disney+
by Kayla Cobb |February 28, 2020

Next up Grace VanderWaal will spill on what it was like to make her acting debut in Disney+’s upcoming drama Stargirl


Disney+ TV Commercial, ‘Stargirl’
February 17, 2020

GRACE VANDERWAAL – Stray: Live VS Recorded! [Vocal Coach/Musician] Reaction/Review!
February 12, 2020

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Interview on “The Michelle Collins Show” on SiriusXM
January 30, 2020

Stargirl | Official Trailer
January 15, 2020
Disney+ Releases First ‘Stargirl’ Trailer Starring Grace VanderWaal
Teen Vogue
by Allie Gemmill | January 16, 2020

This week, Disney+ unveiled the first trailer for Stargirl starring Grace VanderWaal. The winner of the 11th season of America’s Got Talent maybe be making her acting debut with this gorgeous-looking new movie, but you best believe Grace seems to be performing like a pro.


Finding Stargirl: Fate Steps In on the New Disney+ Exclusive Film
Laughing Place
by Alex Reif | January 15, 2020

(…) Both Lee Solomon and Kristin’s daughter happened to catch Grace VanderWaal’s life changing America’s Got Talent performance. “So I watched it and thought ‘My God, there’s a real Stargirl out there’…


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