AGT: Champions – By the Numbers

The VanderVault staff have written an article about AGT Champions, its fairly complicated set of rules, how the shows are filmed completely differently than the regular AGT season, it’s ratings and the limited financial award for the winner. It makes no judgement calls on whether Grace would or should compete, but provides all of the data you need in order to come up with an informed opinion.

Grace and the “Tipping Point”

The VanderVault Staff have written an interesting essay regarding the root causes of a “viral” pop music success when artists are transported from the ranks of a “working artists” to “stars” and beyond. It is solidly based on the work of Canadian writer Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point”. The article provides a very sober view of Grace’s career thus far, what levels of success may soon be coming and what factors may have been hindering her so far but may soon be behind her.

An Illustrated Glossary of Singing Terms

To get us warmed up for the next four days of Grace touring with Florence + the Machine the VanderVault Staff have put together a glossary of singing terms/techniques, and provided examples of Grace’s use of them. It may give us an even deeper appreciation of Grace’s talent, and give us new things to look for when watching new concert footage of the shows over the next week or so.

In Praise of Imperfection

The VanderVault Staff have prepared a love letter to Grace’s perfect imperfections for this Sunday’s Edition of the Op-Ed. We hope you enjoy it in the spirit with which it was intended.

Grammy’s Best New Artist – By the Numbers

The VanderVault Staff brings you a detailed stats summary of this year’s Best New Artist Grammy nominees and compares them to Grace’s. The results show that getting nominated isn’t a numbers game, but winning the trophy might be another matter entirely.

Stargirl Cast and Crew: Kristin Hahn (Writer/Producer)

The staff at the VanderVault bring you this very informative profile of the producer and writer who has been through every evolution of the “Stargirl” Movie project and who, more than any other individual involved, can be best credited with making sure this movie is being realized: Kristin Hahn.

Stargirl Cast and Crew: Maximiliano Hernández

The staff at the VanderVault have put together the following profile on the actor cast to play the role of “Mr. Robineau”, the faculty advisor supervising the high school television program “Hot Seat” that Leo Produces, and on which “Stargirl” receives a grilling.

Grace at School

Another collaborative effort from the staff at The VanderVault Times, this time focusing on navigating the challenging education of one Miss Grace VanderWaal.

Simon Cowell’s Terrible Swift Sword (Part I)

Today’s editorial, a group effort by the VanderVault Staff, is a two-parter that explores just how much of an influence Grace’s AGT “Judges Audition” had on her win of the show, and how much hype was generated because of it for the first year, and more, of her career.

Doing It By The Book: Simon Says

Today’s editorial compares Simon Cowell’s 10 general rules to follow to successfully win a talent competition (written back in 2002) and thrive post-win. It’s a nostalgic look back at the early days of such shows and to see how many of the “rules” Grace nailed in her journey, and win, on AGT.

Spoils For the Unspoiled

Today’s article looks back at the two years since Grace’s AGT win, during which Grace (and her family) have faced fame and all that comes with it, and the realization of so many of her dreams. Success, however, can be fickle, and not everyone who achieves it manage to hang on to it, but so far Grace seems to be going strong…