Graceful Timbre: A Musical Analysis

16-year-old VanderVault staff writer Miles Beining considers Grace’s sound, specifically the timbre of her songs, and how she and a handful of other artists are doing their best to maintain their artistry in an industry that it would seem would prefer them not to.

Let Grace Be Grace

Miles Beining reminds us that Grace is Grace because she is a multifaceted human being, like all of us, complex, contradictory, and wonderful, and that we shouldn’t try to impose on her that version we wish she would be, but accept her for who she is. Couldn’t agree more, Miles.

Grace Should Narrate An Audiobook

16 year old Miles Beining proposes that Grace would do well to market her services as a professional narrator and…dang, that’s a pretty great idea; especially once she gets some real world experience as an actress following her filming of Stargirl.

What Will The Next Album Be Like?

16-year-old Miles Beining (I mention his age only because I feel it lends his opinion more weight on issues such as Grace’s future musical direction) provides us his thoughts on Grace’s eventual sophomore LP.

Songs Grace Should Cover

Miles Beining weighs in with his wish list of songs by other artists he feels Grace would slay. Miles being 16, I was surprised at how broadly eclectic his tastes are, across genres and generations, and I think you’ll agree with many of his choices.

Grace’s Song Catalog Ranked: From Least Good to Best

New Vault staff writer Miles Beining is 16 years old and gives our readers a much needed peak into the thoughts of Grace’s younger fans that we here at the Vault haven’t been able to provide until now. The rankings in today’s editorial are Miles’ own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other writers here at the Vault