There is more to come!

17 year old staff writer Kaedene Powell shares with us her thoughts on Grace opening for Florence + the Machine, and the announcement of the “Ur So Beautiful” tour.

Unpredictable Grace

17-year-old Vault staff writer Kaedene Powell celebrates the two month anniversary (one day late thanks to a communication near-miss between her and the editorial staff here) with a look back over these last two months with an optimistic eye looking toward the near future.

Graceful Interpretation

17-year-old Vault staff writer Kaedene Powell shares her thoughts on which songwriters are worthy of Grace recording; not covers, but songs written for Grace, specifically.

Stray, the Experience

In addition to her Lyrical Grace article today regarding “Stray”, Kaedene Powell provides us with a second editorial that describes her experience of listening and watching Grace’s different renditions of “Stray”: audio only, live performance and music video.

303 Days

Our newest staff writer, 17-year-old Kaedene Powell, returns with her sophomore editorial for the Vault. She’s still feeling parched in the great GraceVerse drought of 2019. For those concerned while reading this, Kaedene’s tongue was firmly planted in her cheek while she typed out this article.

Cause After All, I’m Grace VanderWaal

Please welcome to the VanderVault our newest staff writer, 17 year old Kaedene Powell, who shares with us today something a lot of us are probably feeling right now, whether we’ve had the courage to admit it openly, or not, to other fans…What is Grace’s new music going to sound like?