Grace Under Pressure

VanderVault staff writer Gaetan Drapeau shares his thoughts about, and expresses his admiration of, Grace’s ability to perform under pressure, whether it’s on a stage or before the camera.

FANatical (Part III):  The Genre-Less World

VanderVault staff writer Gaetan Drapeau returns from a summer hiatus to bring us the third part of his FANatical series of articles. This one deals with the evolution of fandom in the latter half of the twenty-teens and how streaming service playlists, and “going viral” on social media can now oftentimes create hits more than the ideal of recognizing the artistic merit of a song, album, or artist.

Time Stand Still

Gaetan Drapeau ponders Grace’s far future, the stages of evolution of an artist and their fanbase, and the power of nostalgia.

Grace: In the Limelight

As David Bowie once sang (with a little help from John Lennon): “Fame, makes a man think things over! Fame, makes him loose and hard to swallow! Fame, keeps him there where things are hollow! Fame, fame, fame, fame…” Gaetan discusses the minefield of fame that Grace will soon have to navigate.

Grace: A Motivational Force

Gaetan’s editorial this morning follows a familiar trend this week among the VanderVault writing staff regarding Grace’s ability to inspire in others creativity, kindness and a solid work ethic.

Gracefully Resurrecting Pop Music

VanderVault Staff Writer Gaetan Drapeau today provides us with an insightful and well researched editorial about the state of music today, whether or not it is decaying in quality, and how Grace can influence a change for the better.

FANatical (Part II): Behind the Scenes

Gaetan Drapeau elaborates on his previous FANatical article, this time delving into how much extra information Grace provides her fans through her Blythe Thomas recorded and edited BTS (Behind The Scenes) videos, very slick productions that allow us a peek into Grace’s working world.

Graceful Decisions

Gaetan Drapeau asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of a programming manager for a major metropolitan U.S. pop radio station.

The Time Machine

Gaetan Drapeau becomes philosophical in today’s article, inviting us along on a musical journey through time and space. With a good pair of headphones you can heed Grace’s call to “Let the music take you there”.

Dream Machine

VanderVault staff writer Gaetan Drapeau explores the power of the subconscious mind in this insightful editorial

Grace Fills The Musical Void

Our new staff writer Gaetan Drapeau’s editorial today will be relatable to so many fans, especially of the more mature variety, as he describes how Grace re-introduced the experience of appreciating new music back into his life.