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About the VanderVault Digital Archive

The VanderVault project was launched by a handful of Grace VanderWaal fans who realized that without creating a centralized, and independently run, catalogue of digital media relating to Grace that an unacceptable amount would be lost over time.

During the course of creating the archive our mission statement expanded to ensure that not only was digital media relating to Grace archived, but that her journey and career as an artist should be chronicled as well. The archive has done this, and continues to, through multiple methods:

  • A living archive of digital media relating to Grace.
  • Occasional editorials that document her art, career and philanthropy.
  • An in-house film studio to produce documentaries, short and feature length, to chronicle Grace’s journey as an artist and philantrhopist.
  • Weekly news recap videos summarizing Grace-related news and media events.
  • Conducting and publishing interviews, in text and on camera, with individuals who have either had a direct impact on Grace’s life, or whose lives were substantially affected/inspired by her art and/or philanthropic intervention.
  • Providing quality services for Grace’s fans in the form of timely news and analysis, original multimedia experiences relating to Grace, and a mature and thoughtful forum (on the VanderVault YouTube channel) where they can discuss Grace’s career and art.

We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring our products and services through this website, on Twitter, and through our YouTube channel.

Executive Staff
Ernst MüllnerChief Executive Officer
Mark LalondeCreative Director
Prati MokshaChief Information Officer
Maureen HolleyChief Operating Officer
Clare WeitzelVanderVault Instagram Administrator
Søren SkaarupGrace VanderWaal Song Catalogue Administrator
Jeffrey WackerVanderVault Twitter Administrator
VanderVault Studios
Mark LalondeProducer, Editor, Writer & Director
Clare WeitzelProducer, Writer, Editor & Narrator
Maureen HolleyProducer & Writer
Prati MokshaProducer & Writer
Jeffrey WackerProducer
Ernst MüllnerExecutive Producer
The Artist Known as “Claynife”Photo Enhancement
Nina SchofieldSubject Matter Expert
Tommy MarzSubject Matter Expert
Blake McLainSubject Matter Expert
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