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The journey to creating a score for the VanderVault original documentary “Grace VanderWaal: I Now Know My Name” has been filled with potholes, wrong turns and dead-ends, but the destination was well worth the journey.

The documentary has gone through four composers over its nearly 2-year lifespan, with two contributing to the first film (Volume 1), while our last composer will be handling the arrangements for Volume 2.

Lewis Ashley (aka “The Epic Orchestra”) signed on to the project in mid-January, and in only one month completed 10 tracks for the score. Considering the mind-blowing sophistication and polish of the arrangements it’s difficult to believe (though entirely true) that he managed to arrange and perform over 2 songs per week. The VanderVault will forever be in his debt for agreeing to work with us and we look forward to working together more in the future as Grace continues to release new music.

While Lewis was on vacation in Manhattan the first week of March, the last gasps of normalcy in New York, Grace dropped “Today and Tomorrow” in support of the pending release of “Stargirl” and he couldn’t wait to get home to Rochester in Kent (about 30 miles east of London). It’s the last track on the score, and it’s stunning.

My editing partner at the Vault, Clare Weitzel, wanted to share her thoughts on Lewis’ work and contribution to the documentary…

“Lewis Ashley is a massively talented composer and every single one of his adaptations became my favourite the more I worked on them. His arrangements were perfect for the project, and I hope he will have a beautiful and bright path ahead. Keep doing what you do Lewis. Your work genuinely touched my heart.”

Clare and I really put our hearts into interpreting Lewis’ arrangements in the videos that accompany the tracks, love letters in sound and vision to Grace’s compositions. We truly hope you enjoy them.

NOTE: We have made the score publicly available via YouTube to ensure that any money earned by ad revenues attached to this video goes to Grace (via her label) without any complicated copyright issues. We have not monetized this video; the label has, by rightfully claiming copyright ownership of the video. The VanderVault does not profit from views of this video.

This virtual album is provided free to the public through YouTube only and is not for sale.