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Truth be told, though I was excited to see Grace’s performance last night, I’ve been very distracted for the last two weeks as we, behind-the-scenes at the VanderVault, ramp up to release 30 minutes of footage from Volume 1 of our documentary series on Grace this Saturday (March 14th). That work includes putting the finishing touches on the actual edit of the documentary, the orchestral score (now up to 11 tracks), and the custom music videos Clare Weitzel and I have been editing together for the long-form video “album” that will contain the score separate from the 30-minute preview. We were even filming as late as last week in New York. It’s also been overwhelming for us simply trying to keep our website updated in as close to real-time as we can manage with the tsunami of news that’s come along with the release of “Stargirl” tomorrow, Grace’s new single, her trip to Paris, etc.

Underneath all of that GraceVerse activity, of course, has been the ever-escalating Covid-19 crisis that seemed to hit a tipping-point last night with all of the U.S. announcements regarding the NBA postponing the season, a broad travel restriction placed on European countries (other than the UK) from coming into the country, and the news that American icon Tom Hanks and his wife Rita have both tested positive for the virus in Australia.

Long story short, I wasn’t prepared for the impact of last night’s performance. I was massively distracted, exhausted, tense, anxious…and then Grace began to sing…

It somehow felt like Grace had quieted the din of the world for four minutes, had turned the rest of the universe off and made it seem like the only thing that existed were the sounds of her deep raspy voice and the gentle strumming of her ukulele. Her facial expressions perfectly mirrored the moving lyrics that she sung with emotional conviction. It was powerful.

This performance will go down as one of Grace’s best and most emotionally stirring. I just hope that an audience beyond her fan-base discovers it, because it deserves to be noticed.

Beyond Grace’s actual performance, the crew at Jimmy Kimmel Live did a wonderful job in helping Grace by keeping the stage design minimal, beginning it with a video backdrop of sunset clouds in keeping with the promotional material that’s been used for the “Stargirl” posters, wallpapers, and banners, gradually dimming to the single spotlight I predicted would be used to make the performance of Grace sitting cross-legged on the floor even more intimate. The sound department also did a wonderful job balancing the volume between her recorded vocal and that of her ukulele.

That dress was something else too, a cross between a modern day super-hero costume in the texture of the black sections, contrasted with the Victorian lace of the collar and sleeves; it was striking. It’s too bad the television audience didn’t get to see how it made her look 10-feet-tall when she was standing, because not only was the texture of the dress fantastic, so was its very flattering cut.

Everyone on team Grace was on point with laser focus to help Grace deliver that amazing performance and I couldn’t be happier with it.