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I’ve never been more impressed with any artist than I am with Grace VanderWaal. Since the release of the Stargirl trailer, I have been waiting anxiously for days on end for at least one song from the movie’s soundtrack to drop. Even though I was really impatient for its release, I was actually expecting the soundtrack to be dropped sometime around the red-carpet premiere of the movie, as I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Disney’s marketing department. Lo and behold, surprise, surprise! FanderWaals didn’t have any time to prepare themselves, much less think twice, that an original song from the soundtrack written and sung by Grace herself would drop. When she announced “Today and Tomorrow” just HOURS before the song became available, it made my heart literally skip a beat.

We were teased with 27 seconds of the song before its midnight release and the teaser she provided only barely contained Grace’s vocal before it was cut (such a tease). It was short but I was hooked from the very start. Tears, tears and tears some more. I’m not even joking guys; my tear ducts weren’t playing around. Anyway, once more here is my take on another masterpiece written and performed by Grace and her uke.

Verse 1
Don’t say maybe, just don’t wake me
We can stay here, for as long as we want
And make forever last a while
Leave the light on
After the sun
Leaves and goes to a far-off ocean
And lay here with me

When her voice came in like a breathy whisper I immediately relaxed into my chair and closed my eyes and paid attention to the words. The first verse (actually the entire song) is written in a stripped down manner, using simple words, but at the same time evoking such strong emotions. You immediately get what she was trying to do with this song and its meaning. Not to mention she played it solely on a uke with nothing else but her sweet voice and melody. Oh, my heart. My interpretation; it is the emotion you feel with anyone you are super close to and you know that after the sun goes down and then up again neither of you will be seeing each other for a long while. Or it is about cherishing small moments, like laying together talking for hours, or staying quiet as the time runs away too quickly. Moments like these you want to last forever or a little longer, just for a while.

And I’ll catch you
Fallin’ into me, fallin’ into you
Lettin’ go of all the things I thought were true
Fallin’ into me as I’m fallin’ into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do, ooh-ooh, ooh

Doesn’t her voice sound so lovely on this bit? I’m crying while typing this. I can’t go on, but I must.

Letting go and letting yourself be into every emotion you are feeling. Just letting yourself just feel. Allowing yourself to learn and discover that what you had thought before, was not all what it was, or was not half of what it was because there was more to see and feel (almost like ‘seeing the bigger picture’). There was more to what you were thinking and maybe, you were just overthinking. Rest assured, however, if we both let go and just fall, we will still have each other. No one is abandoning anyone, even if one day one of us has to go for a while. Her last sentence is the true reflection of anyone experiencing their first love. The answer is right there, it feels so right and yet I am so unsure of myself, of what I should do or should be doing.

Verse 2
I speak too much
You stay closed off
But I can see your thoughts in the stardust
Shining back at me

One is the complete opposite of the other when it comes to sharing feelings. One says exactly as they feel, often saying too much, while the other keeps their thoughts in their heads. However, their emotions are shown on their face, through their body language and in their eyes, and Grace is saying that these little things speak louder than words. She knows what you are thinking, knows what you are feeling, despite how much frustration you might throw at yourself for being complicated with sharing your emotions.

Second Chorus
As I catch you
Fallin’ into me, fallin’ into you
Lettin’ go of all the things I thought were true
Fallin’ into me, as I’m fallin’ into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do, ooh-ooh, ooh

This chorus jumps right into the meaning of the second verse as the first line changes a bit. She sees right through you and so she sees you too letting go and allowing her to catch you.

One day I’ll be old and ugly
Will you still be thinking of me?
If we were as brave as we are now

Absolutely stunning. The little hums before the bridge gave the same feeling as when she went live on her Instagram in August 2018 and sang Maybe This Could Be Something for us live. Good times. Grace here is thinking about the future. This bridge reminds me of a Lana Del Ray song lyrics that says: “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”. I get the same message from this song as in Grace’s. Everyone needs assurance and clarity, hoping as the time passes that time in its wonderful essence does not change you too much, or that with time the feeling you get from this person will remain the same and if so, only change for the better.

Last Chorus
And I’ll catch you
Thinking of me, as I’m thinking of you
Lettin’ go of all the things I thought were true
As you’re fallin’ into me and I’m fallin’ into you
It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do, ooh-ooh, ooh

Just because the lyrics change in the second and third line, the meaning remains the same for me here.

After listening to this a trillion times I’m more and more appreciative of what they did; they decided to let the song be after one take and leave the production to a minimum. This song is so raw with emotion that it sounds like a live version almost than that of a studio one. I can’t believe Grace had to be close-mouthed about this song for almost two years! It is so, so, so good. Grace really surprised me with this one.