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Following a suggestion from Vault regular tintinologist, we have added a section to the Vault Discussion forum called “Grace’s Song Catalog“, with one thread dedicated to each of Grace’s songs. The first post in each thread includes a link to the relevant page in the Lyrics section of the VanderVault website, plus links to any lyrics breakdowns posted on our site.

While many of these songs were discussed in much detail back when they were first posted – most of them over in our YouTube channel, before the Vault forum was even created – we are hoping you may still feel inclined to go read the lyrics breakdowns and join the discussion about your particular favorites.

NOTE: We are still missing lyrics breakdowns (analyses) for following songs:

  • The City
  • Poser
  • Gucci Shoes
  • I Don’t Like You
  • Basketball Boy
  • You’ll Get Bored
  • Overrated

As we are going to be busy with work on the documentary for some time still, we will not have time to fill in these gaps. However, if any of you are feeling called to take on one or more of these, please contact us about submitting an article, via our contact page at