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Go grab a coffee…and maybe a snack! This week was jam packed with terrific Grace content and news:


Two Vevo Live performance videos recorded in Vevo’s Time Square studios; “The City” and “Poser”.

“The City”:
Grace appeared as a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show and had the host and fellow guest Josh Gad rolling with laughter for her whole segment. Kelly declared that Grace was her favour guest ever!


Grace also hinted at a possible tour of the UK (and maybe the world) sometime in 2020 while being interviewed by

Both of the subject matter experts from our documentary weighed in with their reviews of Grace’s latest EP “Letters Vol. 1” this weekend: Tommy Marz of (and its podcast), and music analyst/singer/songwriter Nina Schofield.

Click here for Tommy Marz’ review

And here is Nina Schofield’s review:


If that wasn’t enough Grace also took to Instagram with her electric guitar to fingerpick a cover of British singer/songwriter Tom Odell’s song “Long Way Down”.