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Grace has never disappointed musically and I don’t think she ever will. We’ve been blessed, over and beyond (hallelujah). Every single time Grace has never failed to make me fall in love with her and her craft. Words cannot express what I felt (what I am still feeling) hearing the entire EP for the first time. This body of musical genius is the best thing that has happened to this generation and I’m being not extra or bias. I am just speaking the truth; don’t fight me on this. Now let’s get to this song by song analysis.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw this, and I had a chance to view the lyrics before hearing the actual melody, production and everything. So, I was thinking, ‘intro; might be one minute or less. Might not be anything where one would need to download or buy as a part of the whole (EP). I know, sad but true. Most intros are never that good, and never once have I felt drawn to listen to it more than once. Therefore, I must listen to it at least once just for the feel of the entire album and that would be it.’

Oh yeah sure. Whatever Kaedene. It’s not like it’s Grace we are talking about. Her songs are always like the other artists’ songs. (note the sarcasm)

Little did I know I was getting that. Little did I know this intro will be the best intro to a body of musical work I would ever listen to and trust me I’ve heard a lot (from my generation of course, I’m sure older fans would disagree to say it is at least ‘one of the best’). Little did I know I would have it on repeat a lot more than once before moving on to the next track.

And I am not being biased here as a FanderWaal. I genuinely am in love with this intro. Music is something I’ve grown to appreciate despite whoever it’s from and if I like it or not. And this intro right here is it; from the lyrics, to the melody to the insane production. And is the production insane or what? I can’t even…

I am not a musical genius so I can’t say in detail what I love about it, you know in the correct terms and such, but Grace is everything I wanted in an artist and so much more. Nod if you agree with me.

I first heard this song like most dedicated FanderWaals on her Ur So Beautiful tour and honestly it took two listens for me to actual like it (I know, shame on me) and after a while I have grown to love it. However, I was anxiously waiting to listen to the studio version because I knew the live version that were probably recorded by a phone (although highly appreciated) served the song no justice. And oh my god, I listened to the studio version and I cried. It’s so, so beautiful and I don’t know what I was thinking before. Two listens to like it? What?
I felt everything she was singing about and every single lyric hit me hard. Grace really blessed us with this one. I don’t even know what to say. I just love it so much.
I love how she left the last part out of the live version. I was surprised by it. I love everything about this track. Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry again.

Okay, like I am obsessed. Ever since the tour, ever since the release of the studio version and the music video I have been obsessed. This song is like next level. The lyrics are next level genius. My favorite line is ‘and I’m exhausted from this tug of war of words’, because I just believe I’ve never heard anything like that. That line blew me way. The entire EP so far is killing me. So much feels and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about these quote unquote ‘relationship songs, love songs yaddi yaddi yadda’ when I first heard it, but honesty as long as Grace is expressing herself the way she wants and it sounds this good, I don’t care if the next song is about bread or romance, I am all here for it. Plus, she’s fifteen. She needs to express whatever she is feeling however she wants.

So finally, can we take a moment to really appreciate and genuinely reflect on what has been created? I am just so glad I live in a time where she is alive and creating music for the people, showing us how it is done. What topped the cake for me was the music video. I mean…oh my god I can’t even express myself the right way today. What are the right words? My mind is reeling. Give me time to recover. I need time.

More and more I love this song, it never gets old honestly. Especially when the bridge kicks in and I am taken into an otherworldly place. When Grace says she wants to be the music that makes a person forget for a while and only focus on the few minutes of the song, she did that with this song more than the rest I feel like. And then the live performances never let you forget how good this song is. If you want my entire view of the song you can click the link below or move on to the next song:

Lyrical Grace: Ur So Beautiful

Waste my time is the one (I mean every song on this EP is really). When it dropped, it had easily become my favorite. It is just so good and every time it comes up on my shuffle, I have to drop everything I am doing and just dance. Not lying, I literally drop everything and dance. You cannot hear this song and not wanna dance. And it has been my favorite for a long time, you know until I heard The City, which is the final track on this EP and honestly right now after I have heard the EP in its entirety, I don’t think I am allowed to pick a favorite. What is the point anyway? Every song that comes on you’re like ‘this is my favorite’, but then the next song comes on and you are just like ‘Dammit Grace!’. Every song is a win and I am genuinely in love.

Once again if you wanna read more on my thought on this song, follow the link:

Lyrical Grace: Waste My Time

Well, what can I say? What an ending to a through and through brilliant album, and you know what? I take it back; this song right here is the one. I renounce every declaration before this one, this song is it. It is meant only for my ears because I believe Grace was clearly thinking ‘What can I write that Kaedene would die and go crazy over?’ and then this masterpiece was born. The lyrics first of all is what drew me in to the song. I am amazed every time I hear it. My beautiful masterpiece is the creation of the gods themselves who have blessed Grace with the musical genius who have been sent in turn to bless my ears. No. Hush. I will not allow for any discussion. Praise be to the gods of Gracedom and all that dwells within!

The production is once again not what I expected. When the chorus kicked in, I was waiting for the guitar but was hit with drums instead and I was just like what? What is God’s name was that? Surprise, surprise, Grace changed it from what we heard on tour and honestly, I am okay with it. Still is the one for me, no complaints.

And that powerful scream at the end, chills. I honestly thought we were going to get a nice high note at the end, not an angry scream like what we heard in the first live version of the song! Like, what? Grace, you need to stop. The feels man. I cannot.

So, in conclusion I’ve decided to give this EP a six out of ten in my opinion. I mean it was okay, nothing too glamourous or outstanding, just one of those EP you can listen to maybe once and not really care…I’m kidding.
Of course, I’m kidding, do you really believe I would ever describe Grace’s work as being just okay? Never!

Sigh. I am quite satisfied so far. Volume 1 is a win and I cannot wait for volume 2. Can you imagine what that one is going to sound like? I cannot contain my excitement. 2020 is going to be the best year ever!