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Hi everyone! I am so excited that I was asked to write a review on LETTERS Volume 1! I first listened to it on the way to school this morning, and I was instantly obsessed! I absolutely love what Grace has done with this, and I decided I would talk about each of the songs individually, and what I like about them.

We will begin with the first track, Intro (Gucci Shoes)

I will not lie, when I first saw that the title was Gucci Shoes, I was a little unsure of what I would think of the song. When I think of a song about Gucci Shoes, I think of either a rap song or a very materialistic sounding song. I should’ve known better though, because Grace is no rapper and I also wouldn’t consider her to be “materialistic.” As it turns out, she was talking about how silly materialism really is. The first two lines go like this: “I just bought some new Gucci shoes, wasted my college fund just to look cute.” I think Grace is trying to say people that spend all of their money on expensive clothes and shoes are just plain wasting it, and could be using it for something more necessary or useful. I think this song was the perfect way to open up the album!

Now, we will move into the second track, Poser.

Poser is probably one of my favorites on the album because I think the lyrics are so great. Grace talks about being fake, or being a “poser.” The first verse goes like this: “We were hanging with your rich kid city friends, ones that I don’t know. Not sure what to say, say it anyway, isn’t how I thought it’d go.” She is talking about hanging out with people that probably really aren’t people she wants to be around. They are rich and probably think they are better than everyone else. Grace also says: “And even if I’m faking it, pretending to be confident. I’m pathetic, I’ll admit. Asking, would you call me a poser, or would you call me a friend? After all that I told you, was this time well spent? I don’t know what this meant.” Grace is saying she has to fake being confident and self-assured, when really she doesn’t feel confident at all. Overall, I love this song and think it’s great!

Now for the third track, I Don’t Like You.

We have had this song for a little while now, but it’s still one of my favorites. This song just has such a great beat, and I also love the fact that she used the ukulele in this song! That made me so happy! This song is about how she argues with this person, (probably like a boyfriend,) all the time and they really don’t get along. She says in the chrous: “I love you, but I don’t like you. And the simple truth is I can’t do this, though I try to.” It’s definitely one of my favorites!

Now for the fourth track, Ur So Beautiful.

This song was definitely one of my favorite songs by Grace as soon as it came out! I think the beat is really cool, and it was one of the first songs that Grace came out with leading up to this album and it had a totally different sound than any other Grace song. It was sort of a hint for what was to come. This song is definitely about a crush that she has, and she finds this person to be quite beautiful. (See what I did there?) She talks about her being sort of awkward and this person being kind of chill and cool. She says: “You’re so chill, you keep it cool. I am not, I’m such a fool.” I think this song might be her contemplating whether or not she’s in love with this person. One of my favorite lines in this song is “Is it you or are the lights getting brighter in the night?” I just love this song so much and I think it fits so well on this album!

Now for the fifth track, Waste My Time.

This song is also one of my favorites. This song is more pop than the rest of them, I think. In this song, Grace talks about being in this relationship that she knows is going nowhere, but she is really enjoying being around this person, and doesn’t want to stop until she has to. She says: “You say I love you with an accent, and I pretend like nothing happened.” I think this line is her questioning whether or not this person really loves her. Another line that I think is talking about that is “I’m unsure of you because I know you’ll leave. You say you love me, but I whisper I don’t believe.” I think she is also talking about being fearful of falling in love, as she says: “Stoppin’ moments ’cause I can’t let it be true. This is going nowhere, but I love wasting my time with you.” I just love this song so much!

Now, the sixth and final song, The City.

This is probably my favorite on the album. In this song, Grace talks about someone, probably a boyfriend, that spends his time at fancy parties and with his rich, popular friends instead of being with her. She says: “But you’re out in the city, when you should be here with me. I know I might be boring, but I’m not one for pity. Have a ball at the Whitney with your friends, all so pretty. I know I’m being dramatic, so I’ll go and wish you have fun in the city.” She talks about faking being happy and how all her friends can see it. “I’m tired and it’s getting harder and harder to fake it that I’m truly happy and all my friends can see.” I truly love this song and think it is the most beautiful one on the album!

Overall, I love the album, and I hope Volume 2 comes out soon!

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