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Not a lot actually happened this week, but we did get a handful of announcements for things that will soon happen.

First we learned that Grace will be appearing on MTV’s TRL for an “intimate performance”…

Grace will be taping a performance on November 7th (and hopefully an interview) with Kelly Clarkson on Kelly’s new talk show. Kelly has also been known to sing duets with her guests so it might be cool to see that happen. NOTE: Grace’s appearance will not be broadcast on the 7th, she will simply be recording her guest spot on that day.

NOTE: Grace superfan Kelly Swanholm will be in attendance at the taping and while I’m sure they won’t let her record anything we may get some information from her about what happened following the taping (unless they make her sign a non-disclosure-agreement).

Clarkson is a powerhouse and has a very real potential to steal thunder from the other artist she’s singing with, though I have to say that Grace’s duet on “True Colors” with Cyndi Lauper is far superior to the rendition Lauper did with Clarkson…

Grace & Cyndi when Grace was still only 12-years-old:

Kelly & Cyndi just a few weeks ago:
We also got a sneak peek at Grace having “fun” on Halloween night…I can see her therapist’s hands rubbing together greedily while looking up the following tweets/IG reposts.

And finally, late last night Grace announced that she would be dropping something on Friday that looks an awful lot like a shiny (and very RED) music video for “I Don’t Like You”… this Friday!

NOTE: It hasn’t been officially confirmed that this is actually the music video for “I Don’t Like You”, but it’s a pretty safe bet considering Grace’s Pinterest folders on “I Don’t Like You”

Lots to look forward to this week!