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We have been working for a while on a list of all Grace’s public performances, to complement the catalogue of songs we already have on the Vault, and again it is Vault member who has initiated this substantial cataloguing project (and done all the work on it so far).

We are now ready to publish the first version of the list:

The criterion for inclusion on the list is that it has to be a performance with a live audience or a public broadcast. That excludes homemade YouTube videos etc.

The information has been gathered from a number of sources, most notably a list posted on the Grace VanderWaal News Facebook page, of all Grace’s public appearances (in any medium and in any form) – including interviews, and also stuff like just plain visits to the theatre –

That list does not always make clear whether she performed or not at a given appearance, and it hasn’t been updated this year. We have supplemented this list with a thorough review of all the major YouTube (re-)posters of Grace videos (including a number of the regulars here at the Vault) and with other information found online.

The evidence for a few of the performances is very scant. We have, however, found video evidence for parts or all of the performances (marked with green in column A in the spreadsheet) and other types of confirmation for many of the others.

We now invite the Vault members to provide us with corrections, additions and comments. We have provided at the top of the spreadsheet a link to a Google Form which we ask you to use to give structured feedback on individual performances. Comments, suggestions and general feedback not related to a particular performance can be given in the comment field below this article (as usual).

We will not be responding to all the comments individually – unless clarification is needed. After a couple of weeks, we will produce a new version, based on the comments you have provided.

A final note: we do have ideas for developing this in a number of directions, but for now we will focus on making this list as comprehensive and correct as possible.