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While we thought Grace was simply recovering from the illness that robbed her of her amazing voice for the last show of her “Ur So Beautiful” tour, she was busy baking tasty treats…

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This is our homeschool version of Home Ec ? We had such a good time learning how to make donuts!

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  …and working on a new cover, of Noah Cyrus’ latest single “Lonely”…

…we also got a little glimpse of her rooftop performance of “Ur So Beautiful” for Rolling Stone (featuring the crystal ball heeled white boots from the Railbird Music Festival)…

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I went to @rollingstone and sang on the roof and talked to them about ur so beautiful

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…then Grace “got real” and reminded us that the demands of touring can take their toll on the mental health of artists and crew and that she, John Legend, and a slew of other music industry leaders created a new initiative to provide support for people on tour with mental health services…


Check the Tour Support website at

Wait a minute…I think I forgot something…


You can pre-save to Spotify and pre-add to Apple Music now!

I am so excited to hear what the studio version of this song will sound like…Really hoping it drops with a music video, but we have no clear indication yet if that will be the case. I don’t know if I’m ready for both on the same day. It’s been a while since we’ve seen “Angry Grace” in a music video and I’m hyped for it!

More seriously, though, I don’t like the song, I love it! My personal tastes lean more towards “Poseur” and “The City”, but that’s like saying I prefer strawberry ice cream over chocolate and caramel swirl…I love all of them.

In a recent informal poll conducted by our Vault Master (and Executive Producer of our documentary) Ernst Mullner on Twitter, “I Don’t Like You” was the clear favourite for the next single winning by a landslide with 70% of the vote followed by “Poseur” at 16% and “The City” at 14% (101 votes registered).


This is the single the fans have demanded, and it’s the one they’re getting! I also think it’s a sound move on the part of the label to release a song with more energy from Grace…I love chill vibes, but we need to wake people up with a rousing song filled with attitude and dissatisfaction. Hey, it worked for the Stones, right?

Are you excited about the choice of “I Don’t Like You” as the next single, and when do you think the EP will drop?