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This week was an understandably slow one as Grace takes much needed, and very well earned, time to recover her voice following an illness on tour, but despite that we do still have A few items to recap…

Grace went blonde… on her way to white this week!

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Hi i can’t undo this so hello this is Grace 2.0

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Superstar Lana Del Rey posted a short video of her jamming out to Grace’s “Ur So Beautiful” on her Instagram account with over 14 million followers…It was her most popular post with over 1.2 million views, second only to her announcing the music video she released with Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus from the new Charlie’s Angels movie!

To which Grace responded…

Grace was also featured in a article that followed her on tour and where Grace breaks down which designers provided her tour outfits!

Even when Grace is recovering from an illness and from tour she manages to cause a stir!

Remember that contest we ran to support the UrSB Tour? Well we need to select a grand prize winner based on the best footage captured (by those who originally registered back in June).

So, to all “Ur So Beautiful: We’ve Got You Covered Contest” registrants,

In order to determine the grand prize winner of the VanderVault bomber jacket and automated cellphone gimbal we need you to identify which videos you would like our panel of judges to consider.

Please copy and paste the URL of your best video clip(s) into this Google Form:

Please make sure to enter your email address, from which venue and date where the clip was captured, and the URL for the video. If you have more than one clip to share, you must fill out a new form for each clip.

You have until October 15th to submit your videos for review.

We will announce the winner on October 31st! ?