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I’ve been doing some research into the Best New Artist Grammy category for Grace, not for this year, as that will be a race between Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Lil Nas X, but next year.

Though Grace has released an EP in 2016 and an LP in 2017, both of which landed her debut spots in the top 20, the same could be said of Alessia Cara who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2018 despite having a similar debut album in the top 20 when it dropped in 2015. It all depends on the Grammy committee deciding when an artist has become “relevant” and I’m sure by that standard Grace’s newer work(s), if sufficiently successful, would qualify.

There is a catch, though; a less commonly known rule regarding qualification for a Best New Artist Grammy…

The artist must have released, as a featured performing artist, a minimum of five singles/tracks or one album, but not more than thirty singles/tracks or three albums prior to the current eligibility year.

Grace currently has 17 tracks released on albums and EPs and has also released, thus far (the new EP hasn’t dropped yet) 4 additional stand-alone singles; “Clearly”, “Stray”, “Hideaway”, “Ur So Beautiful” and “Waste My Time”. That’s a total of 22 U.S. released tracks. I don’t believe “Lungs” or “Hope for Change” will count as they were only on a limited extended edition available at a single retailer, but the Grammys may not see it the same way.

Let’s say the label includes at least 3 of the previously parentless singles on the new EP and adds in “Don’t Like U”, “The City” and “Poseur”. That would account for 25 career released tracks. That doesn’t leave enough room for a new LP before she can be considered for a Best New Artist Grammy in any year.

It does, however, leave room for her to release two EPs instead of an EP and an LP.

Grace would not set a precedent in the industry for such a move as singer/songwriter Julia Michaels, with whom Grace introduced Shawn Mendes at the 2018 Music Video Awards, released two EPs in 2019; “Inner Monologue Part I” and “Inner Monologue Part II”. The first EP contained 6 songs and the second 8 tracks. A third EP in the series is on the way.

Grace and the label could very well have a similar release strategy in mind to make an impact that would also allow her more time to develop new material.

By late summer (this time next year) Grace could release a second EP that would afford her as many as 6 brand new tracks to “make an impact”, or become “relevant” according to the Grammys.

That’s a strategy I can not only live with as a fan, but would be excited about.

What do you think?