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My last recap included Monday, so if you’re looking for initial thoughts on the debut of “Don’t Like U” head to last week’s recap

This week was all about the Ur So Beautiful tour, an excellent behind-the-scenes video of the making of the “Waste My Time” music video, and tracking the progress of said single on YouTube and elsewhere.


About the music video for “Waste My Time”… It’s doing great! Remember that we can no longer compare “Just the Beginning” video performance against the new songs as, ironically, Grace is beginning anew and building an evolved image and sound. Many of the mildly curious, or fair weather fans have fallen by the wayside since those days. Grace is winning a few back, but this next period of her career is not reliant on the AGT springboard, but on what she is producing now, and I for one am beyond thrilled at what I’m hearing.

The “Waste My Time” music video on YouTube/Vimeo has, as of the posting of this article, earned 1,437,000 views in 9 days. It’s tracking favourably with other quickly up and coming artists like Ruel (the 16-year-old Australian male singer whose roughly a cross between Shawn Mendes and John Mayer), Finneas O’Connor (Billie Eilish’s big brother and co-writer/producer), and Freya Ridings. This is excellent news as this video is making headway beyond Grace’s core fanbase and into the minds of the general public. A television performance of the song would really help to boost her numbers and here’s hoping Grace will be booked on a few shows while she’s in the Los Angeles area later this week and almost all of next.

Speaking of the tour… just in case you haven’t been keeping up with all of the goings on with Grace’s ongoing headlining “Ur So Beautiful” tour Grace not only premiered her new rock-leaning song “Don’t Like You” last Sunday, but followed it up with a terrific new song called “The City”. We have new captures of both songs with better audio than was initial available. Please check them out below…

“Don’t Like You”:


“The City”:


If these songs, combined with Grace’s commercially accessible (and lyrically low-key brilliant) “Waste My Time”, the so chill it’ll lower your blood pressure “Ur So Beautiful”, and the very haunting “Stray”, are any indication Grace’s sophomore album will be mind-blowing!

I promised on Monday that I’d have a Lyrical Grace article for “Don’t Like You”, but I wasn’t confident enough with interpreting the lyrics based on the videos that were available earlier in the week. Now that we have more solid audio captures I’ll definitely put ones out for both it and “The City” this week.

I love “Don’t Like U”, its energy, its lyrics, Grace’s roaring voice, but I’m also very much falling under the more dynamic and slow-building spell that “The City” casts. Such a terrific song. I can’t wait to break it down.

As I briefly mentioned above Grace will be in the LA area near the end of this week and next, so we can expect a flurry of activity to begin soon, and here’s hoping super-fan Kelly Swanholm, or someone else willing and able to attend Disney’s big convention, D23, can get into the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday August 24th where the company will hold a discussion panel on “Stargirl” that will also include a “performance”. I’m assuming the “performance” is in reference to an original song performed by Grace that’s featured in the movie rather than she and her co-star Graham Verchere reenacting a scene from the film live. Am I being too optimistic thinking that they might publicly debut a “Stargirl” trailer? Probably, but a fan can dream.

This past week was great fun, watching all of the tour footage, discovering “The City” and watching the numbers grow for “Waste My Time”, but this next week should be a whirlwind, and the week thereafter as well.

Can’t wait!