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Things just keep getting better, don’t they?

Much to cover, and unfortunately, very little time for me to cover it (personal life and the documentary are monopolizing my time), so let’s get started.

New “music video” for “Ur So Beautiful” (URSB). I put the “music video” title in quotes because this video, while terrific, isn’t really a traditional conceptual music video, but more of a hybrid of a live performance video, a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video, and bits from a photo shoot. It all works wonderfully, but it’s not the video I was expecting; which is fine.

(not a huge fan of the thumbnail for the video… but Grace is putting her best goofy foot forward to set the tone).

When the video first debuted it had the “Live” tag tied to it, much in the same way “Clearly” has a “live” video in addition to the conceptual “official music video”. That “Clearly (Live On Tour)” video is a stunner and might be some of Blythe Thomas’ best live performance capture work for Grace to date.


The “live” tag associated with the latest URSB video was removed within the first day, which indicates, to me, that this is the final video of URSB we will see on Grace’s official YouTube Channel, which leaves more budget for the next single’s video (which has already been shot, or has begun shooting).

Cinematographer @NYKAllen posted (this is a re-post as he quickly deleted it) a short clip of him filming a music video featuring Grace sitting in the rain in front of a store. The clip was titled “wetdisgrace”.

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From @nykallen! ☔? #GraceVanderWaal @gracevanderwaal

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Blythe Thomas, according to reports, also posted several photos from the set on Snapchat that were also titled “wetdisgrace”, but which are no longer available. The song sounds like it could very well be the leaked clip (by Grace) that she “accidentally” posted and then almost immediately removed from her IG Stories a couple of weeks ago; “Waste Our Time”. It’s a bop, seriously, very dance-able, groovy, atmospheric, lyrically different and tricky… I’m seriously excited about this one. The production on URSB was great, but it was soooo “chill” it was almost sleepy. No one’s going to take a nap to this new single, and that’s a very good thing.What else? A terrific interview with Parade Magazine where “serious/wise-beyond-her-years” Grace showed up to blow away the interviewer. Great nuggets in this interview, a must read…Grace also shot a fun and goofy video for Vanity Fair’s “Everything I do in a Day” series, where Grace focuses on her typical tour scheduled days…

 Speaking of fun videos, Grace and SuperFanderWaal Kelly Swanholm recorded a video/skit for Glamour Magazine back at the end of June that will be released “soon”. You can read all about it from Kelly’s perspective in her special report on the Vault platforms, either here on our site, in our discussion forum or in yesterday’s thread on our YouTube channel. There’s also the very not-insignificant news… actually, it’s terrific news, that Grace is back on Radio Disney in a big way, currently sitting at #3 with a censored (didn’t think I’d ever write that) version of her single URSB.

Having exposure on Radio Disney is huge! That’s the kind of broad awareness platform Grace needs to land on more to attract new fans and remind fans who have drifted away that Grace is still out there and producing new music.

Grace also got her first reaction video from a major vocal coach, the lovely Scottish “Beth Roars” who gave Grace a very flattering review of Grace’s cover of Rex Orange County’s “Best Friend” from the Florence + The Machine tour.


The next few weeks are going to be a wild ride with the tour kicking off at Railbird on August 10th, the likely dropping of a new single and possibly music video (if they can edit the thing together in time) and a whole host of new and exciting developments. This is fun!