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Another roller-coaster week of high emotions, at least for fans, in the GraceVerse this week.

On Tuesday Grace shared with us her thoughts on dealing with self-doubt via Entercom/…


Then we had word, from Grace, that she was going to release a “video” on Thursday (July 18th), but that day came and went without a new video (music video, BTS-Blythe Thomas-shot video, or otherwise), though we were treated to some behind-the-scenes shenanigans between Grace, HollyWire and the very popular FanderWaal Kelly Swanholm…


We did receive word from Grace on Friday, however, along with a tiny preview, that she would be dropping a new “music video” for URSB this coming Wednesday. The preview featured mostly hand-held 16mm-style cinema verité footage similar to what we saw in the “lyric video”. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Then on Saturday we were blessed with the truly gorgeous, and fun, version of URSB that World of MacIntosh captured when Grace performed there as part of the Farfetch event. Seriously, this video should be on Grace’s Vevo…It’s outstanding! Grace looks sassy, confident, a bit giggly, and like she’s having a blast performing at the uber-chic Soho townhouse called World of MacIntosh. Tremendous videography at play. Can’t recommend it enough!


Sorry for the brevity, everyone, but I don’t have much time today.