Grace played a free show at California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo last night, and considering how short notice it was it went extraordinarily. Grace played it very casual, sporting sneakers, jeans, and a pink denim jacket, though she was still showing off the two long, and very thin braids hairstyle from her prom night. The performance reflected her look: unfussy and fun.

I’ve never seen Grace dance so much during one of her shows; girl is fit! I would have been wheezing on the floor in an asthmatic fit after a couple of songs if I were to try to dance like that, and then to sing on top of it? Very impressive.

Grace’s vocals were very, very strong, and maybe it was just the sound quality of the livestream provided by Grace’s mom Tina (thanks Tina!), but it sounded like Grace’s lower register has gained so much power since last summer. She didn’t struggle with the first verse of “So Much More Than This” at all, her voice booming over the crowd. I can’t wait to hear how she sounds on the new material she’s written to match the vocal range and abilities she’s gained since “Just The Beginning”.

There was no real light show, no giant video screens behind her, no smoke effects, no backup dancers, no hype men, no trappings at all. Just Grace, and her three-piece band of uber-professional musicians, and that’s really all Grace needed. She really looked like she was having a blast, not someone who hasn’t been on stage since February at a much smaller venue. It was wonderful to see Grace so relaxed and free-spirited. She looked like someone with the kind of energy needed to go on tour.


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