Back in March FanderWaal Søren Skaarup reached out to the Vault asking us to publish an article regarding a project he was working on.

He wanted to engage Grace’s fanbase to help him flesh out and vet a catalog of every song Grace has ever performed.

While the concept of a song catalog may sound simple enough, Søren envisioned something very detailed. He wanted the events and dates where and when the songs were first performed, the writers of the songs, links to recordings of the performance, and in the case of cover songs those artists who originally popularized the song(s), and when they are commercially available to indicate the medium and title of the recording.

Before publishing the article I asked our resident IT genius and webmaster Prati Moksha to team up with Søren to help him and the project really began to materialize.

Once Søren’s article was published on March 23rd Grace’s fans didn’t disappoint and happily began to contribute their knowledge and provided corrections to the catalog, both in our discussion forum and on our YouTube channel.

The story recapped above, of course, brings us to our announcement this morning as we announce the launching of the “Grace VanderWaal Song Catalog“.

Please note that the you can click the link over the embedded spreadsheet to open it in a new tab. Once there you have two worksheets, the second one being interactive:

  • In the left-hand part of that sheet you can change the start and/or end date of the date range and filter the list to see only the songs within that range.
  • On the right you can select from a pulldown menu different writers (just Grace, or Grace with others) to see only the songs written by those writers.

This catalog is a living document that will be updated as new songs are introduced by Grace and will be amended if errors, or unintentional omissions, are identified. If you find something missing, or in error, please post a reply to this article or send us an email at We hope you enjoy exploring this latest feature of our website. If you haven’t explored the site in a while you should really take a deep dive into the following features:

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