We did have a different article scheduled for today, begun early in the week by our senior staff writer Maureen (Darksome Night) about Rob Simonsen who was hired to score “Stargirl”, but things in the GraceVerse began stirring on Thursday. Maureen’s article will be published tomorrow, Monday, May 27th instead.

On Thursday, May 23rd, Vanity Fair published a solid interview with Grace that dealt with the problems she’s been having deciding on a release schedule for her new music, one that she described as being representative of her “chill” phase, and how she is making school her first priority, her 10 year plan, and more. It’s a wonderful article and should be read immediately if you somehow missed it…

Grace VanderWaal Is Growing Up—But Not Too Quickly

The photos included in the interview were taken on the same day as Grace’s appearance at the Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Women Shaping the Future” event. You can read Maureen’s fashion analysis article of Grace’s red-carpet look here.

This strongly implies that the interview was also most likely conducted on the same day, March 21st, in which case Grace isn’t divulging any developments that have transpired since her epic Zach Sang Show interview that took place on March 11th, the same day she appeared on the Mario Lopez Show and Radio Disney…

Regardless of the timing of the interview, Grace has never seemed more in control and happy with her life since beginning her journey as a public figure. It seems that she’s learning how to manage career expectations, her personal life and development, and school, which I can’t imagine is a simple task.

Further evidence of her coming to grips with her personal evolution, and in contradiction to her statements on the Zach Sang Show that school dances are “eww!”, Grace attended her school prom on Friday. Both Tina and Dave VanderWaal (Grace’s parents) shared photos of Grace and her date at their home before leaving for the dance. Maureen has implied that a fashion analysis of Grace’s prom look (one that I believe speaks directly to what we can expect in the future from Grace’s evolving image as a recording artist) is forthcoming.

Grace looked very happy, very mature, and worlds away from her banana pants days on AGT. We at the Vault couldn’t be happier for her.

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