“Stray” is finally here everyone, and I’m satisfied. Are you satisfied?

Was it worth the wait?

Heck yeah it was!

Let me tell you how satisfying it was for me.

I felt like a dying plant suffering eternally in a drought, longing and praying and hoping for even a tear of water. But then a drop came and it felt like a waterfall, but it’s not, of course. It is just a drop in the context of all the new music Grace will provide us this coming year, but it feels so satisfying to finally get some water that you can actually see how you might bear the wait until the next song comes along until the album eventually drops when you’ll swimming in the most refreshing natural pool you could ever imagine.

Make no mistake, though, this is just a drop, people. We’ve been given a little taste, there are even greater things to come, of that I am sure.

It’s just a few short hours before the music video premieres on Grace’s YouTube channel, but she premiered it last night, performing it live in New York City at a private event, and it was achingly beautiful.

The lyrics…

“I wanna write a song
One that can explain my lungs
I wanna write a song
That you can hear and…”

Okay first hold up. What? Is she for real? Can someone explain these lyrics cause I don’t see how this can get any better.

I’m thinking she is still trying to find herself. She feels obligated to tell others but she does not know how to get whatever feelings out that truly explain what she is feeling, and for others to understand.

“That you can hear and”

And what?

“Know how my heart yearns”


“And how my insides churn.”


“And how my cheeks burn from the weekly storm.”

Okay this is poetry.

She is suffering. She’s in pain, confused lost, depressed. She feels all of this and so much more, and she wants to tell us in the best way she knows how. In a song. She’s just not sure how to write or where to start.

It’s like when they ask you how are you feeling, and you are so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start.

Yow, this is starting to feel like Darkness Keeps Chasing Me. I’m crying.

Now this end of the first verse is where I’m confused.

“And how my face turns
Before you return to the wall
And then down on the floor.”

Again, what?
To me, the ‘you’ could be anything.

A literal person who is curling into a ball and sobbing, possibly panicking.
A picture frame about to be shattered.
She seeing herself in as ‘you’.
Maybe not a literal wall. Could she be trying to shield herself. From what? I don’t know. Sigh. I’m trying guys. It’s so good though. What is the chorus going to be like? I’m not prepared for this.

“But I keep only seeing rain
I will say no, but you keep crawling in my brain
I wanna get lost, run away
In the dark is where I’ll stray”

Yep, I was not prepared for that. Thanks Grace, my emotions are all over the place now.

She is trying to figure her way out, trying to figure herself out, life, the challenges, the possible heartbreaks I don’t know. All I know it seems as if she is stuck. For the first line.

“I gotta write a song
But I wanna feel my words
And I keep gettin’ it all wrong
Think it out, write it out, rip it out, start all over”

The second verse changes the mood and tone of the song. The word “gotta” instead of “wanna” in the first verse gives us more desperation. But the second line changes my thought of what the song is really about a little bit.

Her wanting to feel her words. I’m thinking her songs and how she writes to express herself. Like she needs to feel what she is writing. Not just about her feelings, but anything she wants to write about.

Which brings me back to the chorus. She is straying in the dark and guys, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me she wants to stay in the dark? She does not want to find herself, she wants to stay where she is.

End of part I. (Click here to go to part II).

[Editor’s Note: small correction to the lyrics from “turn” to “churn”, and from “loss” to “lungs”, as per the song lyrics in the music video description.]

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