Day 304*, still waiting.

While browsing all news even remotely Grace related, I came across several minor subjects that shouldn’t slip past unnoticed, but none were of sufficient gravity to base an entire article around, so today we’ll have a bit of a mashup. Here goes.

1. 24-year-old singer/songwriter Halsey, whose beginnings were similar to those of Billie Eilish (both having started out with viral Soundcloud songs as complete independents (though Halsey 18 at the time and Billie only 14)) will be hosting and acting as the musical guest on SNL this weekend. Will Grace do the same next year? With Ariana and Halsey, both young female recording artists having paving the way for Grace, if everything goes well in 2019, will Grace find herself killing audiences not only with her music, but also her comedic talents on the SNL stage?

2. Rumours are swirling that Disney+ will create an undisclosed number of “X-Men” movies/television series for their Disney+ streaming service. Frequent readers of our site may recognize the “X-Men” brand as one I’ve indicated Grace would be a good match for, and moreover one that director of “Stargirl” Julia Hart might be well suited to helm as well.

3. Julia Hart has been tweeting her praises for both Disney, calling the company her “Dream Studio”, and the Marvel film “Black Panther” as her favourite film of 2018. This syncs up nicely with subject number 2 of this article

4. Disney has secured an undisclosed number of spots for this year’s Super Bowl (to air live on Feb 3rd). Will one of the spots be dedicated to teasing Disney+ to the general public, most of whom are not aware the service is even being planned? Could a few frames of “Stargirl” be shown among the Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney Catalog properties that will be shown off in a montage trailer?

5. AGT Champions finale, unless its broadcast is delayed due to other events, should take place February 9th. Will they debut Grace’s new single and music video on the show? Filming wrapped on January 18th, so that would give them only 3 weeks to fully edit, color correct, add any special effects and get the single and video ready for distribution and marketing…It’s possible, but that’s not a luxurious amount of time.

6. Kayla Radomski, star of the “Florets” dance video that won the Los Angeles Film Awards Best Music Video award, was featured in a Vanity Fair published photo alongside Leonardo DiCaprio promoting the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

I do not have confirmation of this, but it appears that Kayla will appear in a scene featuring DiCaprio as a backup dancer. For anyone not familiar with this latest Tarantino film…it’s a MONSTER! It stars DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie (as Sharon Tate), Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning, Lena Dunham, Emile Hirsch, and Damian Lewis ((who played “Nicholas Brody” on Homeland) who will portray Steve McQueen). It focuses on the Manson Family murder spree, but with the usual twists, turns, and creative liberties Tarantino is known/infamous for.

Here’s hoping for solid news regarding something definitively Grace related, music, movies, or otherwise, sometime today or tomorrow.


*Playing off of yesterday’s editorial by Kaedene Powell regarding her having thus far survived 303 days without new ORIGINAL & OFFICIALLY RELEASED music from Grace (the 60 year old “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” collab with Ingrid Michaelson doesn’t count…at all).

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