Today we look at current social, streaming, and sales metrics to compare Grace’s numbers to the eight nominees for this year’s Grammy Best New Artist nominees. Be aware that this is not an attempt to re-argue the choices for this year’s nomination class, or to lay claim that Grace was in any way robbed or more worthy to be nominated than any of the artists up for the award. With 332 eligible artists on this year’s nomination ballot (mailed out to almost 13,000 voting members of the Recording Academy), the odds for even the most worthy entrant to make the list are quite small.

This is simply a look at the numbers to see how Grace compares to this year’s choices at a similar stage in their careers. All numbers are as of January 1st, and all social and streaming figures are in millions (m).

Let’s first look at Grace’s figures as a benchmark:

Twitter Followers: 0.309m
Instagram: 3.018m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2.504m
Spotify Followers: 968,511
YouTube Views: 291m
YouTube Subscribers: 2.914m
RIAA Albums: None
RIAA Singles: None
Billboard 200 Peak: #9
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: None
Genre: Pop

Listed below are the statistics and summary information for the eight nominees, sorted by a ranked aggregation of their metrics.

Twitter Followers: 2.764m
Instagram: 23.612m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 39.050m
Spotify Followers: 8.731M
YouTube Views: 3,108m
YouTube Subscribers: 9.389m
RIAA Albums: 1 Gold
RIAA Singles: 4 Platinum, 1 Gold
Billboard 200 Peak: 27
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 6
Genre: Pop

British singer Dua Lipa is the 800-pound gorilla of the Best New Artist field, on the strength of her hit singles “New Rules” and “IDGAF”, as well as collaborations with such high-profile artists as Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, and Sean Paul. The mix of edgy, relationship-themed lyrics and synth-pop musicality feed easily into heavy rotation on top-40 radio. Opened for stretches of Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” tour.

Twitter Followers: 1.209m
Instagram: 7.143m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 28.205m
Spotify Followers: 2.892m
YouTube Views: 1,981m
YouTube Subscribers: 5.736m
RIAA Albums: 1 Gold
RIAA Singles: 5 Platinum, 1 Gold
Billboard 200 Peak: 13
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 2
Genre: Pop

Brooklyn’s Bebe Rexha comes to the Best New Artist category as a strong candidate, after almost a decade in the music industry. Her most successful works to date, singles “Me, Myself and I” and “Meant to Be”, are the result of collaborations with G-Eazy and Florida Georgia Line respectively. She also has notable feature credits on works by Rita Ora, Louis Tomlinson and David Guetta among others. Has opened for Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Nick Jonas and Ellie Goulding.

Twitter Followers: 0.238m
Instagram: Private
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 5.146m
Spotify Followers: 823,148
YouTube Views: 595m
YouTube Subscribers: 0.814m
RIAA Albums: 1 Gold
RIAA Singles: 3 Platinum, 1 Gold
Billboard 200 Peak: 4
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 31
Genre: Country

North Carolina singer-songwriter Luke combs is surfing the wave of his CMA Best New Artist win to the Grammys, continuing his meteoric rise to prominence. Country hits like “Hurricane” and “Beautiful Crazy” have performed well on the mainstream charts, and his radio-friendly lyrics dealing with relationships (mostly in past tense) find a comfortable place in country music fan’s sensibilities. Crisscrossed the USA in 2017-18 on his “Don’t Tempt Me With A Good Time” tour.

Twitter Followers: 0.156m
Instagram: 1.554m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 794,617
Spotify Followers: 74,764
YouTube Views: 261m
YouTube Subscribers: 0.667m
RIAA Albums: 1 Gold
RIAA Singles: 1 Platinum, 1 Gold
Billboard 200 Peak: 27
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 76
Genre: R&B

California singer Gabi Wilson found success as H.E.R with the help of soulful songs and the support of the R&B music community through social media efforts. Her self-titled album included the hit ballad “Focus”, and feature work for artists such as Khalid and Daniel Caesar have made her a rising star in the R&B world. Limited touring includes supporting Bryson Tiller and her recent “I Used To Know Her” tour.

Twitter Followers: 0.247m
Instagram: 1.787m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 4.929m
Spotify Followers: 707,391
YouTube Views: 86m
YouTube Subscribers: 0.449m
RIAA Albums: None
RIAA Singles: None
Billboard 200 Peak: 41
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 45
Genre: R&B

British singer Jorja Smith has started to make a name for herself with her impressive debut album, “Lost & Found”. She’s also made the most of a pair of featuring credits on Drake songs and the opportunity to open for Bruno Mars on tour.

Twitter Followers: 0.166m
Instagram: 1.440m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 0.616m
Spotify Followers: 161,726
YouTube Views: 95m
YouTube Subscribers: 0.995m
RIAA Albums: None
RIAA Singles: None
Billboard 200 Peak: 139
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: None
Genre: R&B

Atlanta sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey started their R&B music careers on YouTube, before releasing their first album in early 2018. Early support from Beyoncé has led to multiple high-profile opening-act gigs, and the duo both act in and recorded the theme song for TV show “Grown-ish”.

Twitter Followers: 0.094m
Instagram: 0.391m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2.412m
Spotify Followers: 629,568
YouTube Views: 64m
YouTube Subscribers: Private
RIAA Albums: None
RIAA Singles: None
Billboard 200 Peak: 3
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: None
Genre: Hard Rock

Michigan rock group Greta Van Fleet came slowly to prominence, not recording their first full album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”, until six years after their formation in 2012. Singles such as “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song” had drawn widespread comparison to Led Zeppelin, a likely benefit in a genre that is heavily subsidized by nostalgia.

Twitter Followers: 0.035m
Instagram: 0.109m
Spotify Monthly Listeners: 0.155m
Spotify Followers: 51,212
YouTube Views: 1m
YouTube Subscribers: 0.003m
RIAA Albums: None
RIAA Singles: None
Billboard 200 Peak: 89
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: None
Genre: Country

Illinois singer-songwriter and country musician has had the longest road to the Best New Artist nomination, starting her career in Nashville some 15 years ago. Appearances on Saturday Night Live and Charlie Rose helped her public profile, and concert appearances in the UK have led to a relatively strong following there. Her second full album “All American Made” put her in the top half of the Billboard 200 album charts.

The raw numbers show a broad range of figures for the sales and social metrics of the nominees. Grace would fall in the upper half of most of the categories, with the notable exception of her Spotify numbers. This rolling monthly average of listeners would place her near the bottom of the range of candidates, but can largely be explained by the 14-month time period since her latest album release. All of the artists on the Best New Artist nominee list with higher Spotify numbers have had album or significant singles releases in 2018.

While the combined categories of Pop and Hip Hop/Rap make up nearly half of the current sales figures for recorded music in the U.S., this doesn’t seem to be reflected in the makeup of the list. Only two of the nominees create and record in the Pop genre, compared to three R&B acts and two Country artists. While there is no definitive proof, the explanation may lie in the popularity of Pop and Hip-Hop working against them. With over 300 applicants on the nominee ballot, large numbers of entrants in those genres could have split the nominating vote, while the relatively small number of qualifying new artists in the Rock, R&B and Country genres may have worked to their benefit. Artists with higher profile but in the “wrong” category, such as Grace, may these days be at a disadvantage for nomination.

As has been noted before, it is beneficial and sometimes even necessary to receive help and assistance to rise to the highest levels in today’s music scene. While Grace has had the advantage of early exposure via AGT to secure her recording contract, television appearances and touring draws, one of the of the common threads of the front-runners for this year’s Grammy for Best New Artist award is a track record of collaborations and/or featured artist credits with established music stars. If Grace’s recent work with Ingrid Michaelson proves to be the first of many such experiences, it’s likely to be to her career’s distinct advantage.

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