Hi everyone! I’m finally back!

It’s been a while, but I’m finally available to write new material for the VanderVault.

Today, I wanted to do something a little bit different. I love all of Grace’s songs and obviously have my favorites, so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favorite Grace songs and tell you why.

Let’s begin with a classic: I Don’t Know My Name. The reason I would put this in my top five category would be the fact that I can relate to it in many ways. Grace was still very young when she wrote it and was talking about discovering who she was and what her interests were. She didn’t know much about herself yet and was still discovering new things about herself all the time. I can relate because I am also young and am figuring out who I am as well. I’m also in the marching band, and Grace mentioned going from “bland and popular to joining the marching band.” That would have to be my favorite lyric because I feel like popular people just follow the crowd; they don’t do what they want because they’re so concerned about want other people might think.

Next on my list would have to be Gossip Girl. It just has a really nice beat, and almost an eerie sort of sound to it. I love the message of the song as well. It talks about that one person who is always gossiping in a group of girls, specifically that one girl who can’t keep her mouth shut and wants to stir up trouble all the time. Grace wrote “Don’t give in [to] the gossip girl” as in, don’t tell her your secrets, she’ll spill the beans in an instant. My favorite lyrics would be “Gossip girls they always seem to, talk the talk but never say the truth.” I love this line because Grace is saying gossip girls will tell you secrets and gossip about others, but none of what they say is true.

Another favorite of mine is Just a Crush. It is just a really cute song in my opinion. I love the beat and some of the lyrics crack me up. Grace is saying, “Whoa! Hold on a minute! I just have a crush on you, I don’t want anything serious here.” That’s basically what the song is saying. I just love the song and find it humorous. My favorite lyric is “Consider me one of the dudes.” It’s saying consider me just a friend, nothing more. It always makes me laugh too.

Next on my list would be Clay. I just love this song because it’s all about not letting others get to you; not letting bullies hurt you with their words. It’s an empowerment song, and I absolutely love it! The piano is so beautiful and it’s just so amazing! My favorite lyrics would be “Trying to tear her down was your first mistake.” and “Try to change my shape, but baby I’m not clay. Sorry, not today ’cause baby I’m not clay.”

Finally, Beautiful Thing. Beautiful Thing is just such a sweet, calm, and, well, a beautiful song. It was written about Grace’s sister, Olivia. It shows us all how close Grace and her sister really are and how much Grace loves her sister. It’s so beautiful and it’s certainly one of my all-time favorites! My favorite lyric is “We’re a beautiful thing together, even when the weather is low.” I love this song and it’s amazing!

Overall, it’s hard for me to choose just five. There are many more songs that I wanted to include, but this article would’ve been longer than a century! I might have to make another list to include more of her songs. She is so talented and I love her music! Her writing is phenomenal!

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