Co-promoting Stargirl:
The ideal situation, and one proposed by many of our commenters here at the Vault, is for Disney and the film’s director (Julia Hart) to allow Grace to write a song for the movie, one that can even simply be played over the closing credits if incorporating the song directly into the narrative is too intrusive. Releasing a single that ties directly into the movie would provide a really nice bit of fusion marketing allowing Grace to not only talk about the movie, but perform a song that ties into said movie on a second or third appearance on the late shows in 2019.

Even if Grace doesn’t contribute any new original music to the movie (huge missed opportunity though it would be) the record label can still capitalize on the publicity that Disney will be paying for by the bucket load. As long as Grace’s new music isn’t so controversial that Disney would want to distance themselves from it Sony/Columbia will be able to mention “Grace as Stargirl” in their promotional materials with Disney’s blessing, and perhaps even some help.

Sorry, I just have to go back to how beneficial it would be to all parties involved (Grace, Disney and Sony) to have Grace provide an original song for the movie, if for no other reason (and there are many other reasons) than to have a music video created for the song that would primarily feature scenes from the movie, and if Stargirl’s cinematographer Bryce Fortner’s previous work is any indication they will be able to incorporate some really beautiful shots in such a video. Fingers crossed that works.

Getting back to straight “Stargirl” promotional tie-ins… At every press junket interview (usually 3-5 minute interviews with the press) Grace can plug her new music, or advertise when the new EP/LP will be released, mention an upcoming tour, or that she’s in the middle of one, the interviewers can even be coaxed (sometimes) by Grace’s publicist to ask her about any buzz regarding a Grammy nomination for any singles she may have released over the past 10 months…

If the record label and Disney really sit down and decide to fully cooperate on promoting Grace they can even coordinate their advertising campaigns by splitting the costs on TV adverts where 50-70% of a 30-second spot promoting “Stargirl” could be shared with 10-15 seconds of Grace’s latest, or most popular of the new music videos with the caption “available in stores, and streaming, everywhere November 5th!”

A Headlining Tour:
Fingers crossed, should Grace have a hit song, or two, within the next few months a headlining tour to take place in the late fall should be planned to coincide with the release of a new album/EP.

As I’ve mentioned many times before in my editorials the label should also book Grace at a few select shows overseas, as either an act at a major festival (that would be a much more economically viable option), or book a handful of shows in major cities such as London, Oslo, Hamburg, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. Get the word out worldwide that Grace is a force to be reckoned with. For the record, the cities I mentioned here each have between 26,000 and 36,000 daily listeners of Grace’s music on Spotify alone. Considering she’s never toured Europe before, she should easily sell out venues as grand as Royal Albert Hall in London (5,000 seating capacity).

I tremendously appreciate Blythe Thomas’ videography over the last two years, where she has captured the most momentous of Grace’s performances and milestones, but I would hope that the record company might pony up a couple of other cameramen to provide Blythe with extra “coverage” in order to capture enough high definition footage to create proper “live performance” videos like this…

Advertising on Radio, TV, YouTube and Print Media:

I’ve touched on this subject in the “Stargirl” co-promotion section of today’s article, but investing some of that $200,000 to $700,000 dollar promotional budget (mentioned in Saturday’s article) is a must. Short 15-second spots can be cheap, especially if you place them at odd hours, to show off Grace’s new songs and music videos.

A little goes a long way and Grace’s songs are earworms that stick in your head, so it won’t take much to pique people’s interest. Look at how well “Beautiful Thing” did just by way of its inclusion in Windex commercials. Get Grace’s face and sound out to the masses via these spots; generate that interest, and make it so they can recognize her again when she appears on television shows and when they hear her on radio or as part of a streamer’s playlist. The same goes for radio advertisements and most especially as 10-second “unskippable” YouTube adverts preceding similar artists’ Vevo/”Artist” channels.

Print media advertising is also an option, but one that obviously isn’t as effective on its own as those that allow people to hear Grace’s music, but it’s important to have print ads out in newspapers and magazines to cement the EP/LP drop date in people’s minds, really plant Grace’s face in their long term memory, and to establish the thought in people’s minds: “Wow, this girl is everywhere! She must be huge!”

All that I’ve I described above may begin to happen as early as January, or more likely the promotional budget may be expended in such a way as to build momentum over the course of the year eventually leading up to the release of Stargirl and the new album/EP in the fall, but I pray they at least do the minimum I’ve outlined above, and surprise us with even grander plans.

One caveat/hope that I’d like to put out there… I’d love for Grace to release a 5-song EP in January/February followed by a full LP (album) to coincide with Stargirl. The releases would be nearly a year apart, so it’s not a ridiculous proposal, and it’s one I hope the label is at least considering. It would give her core fan base something to hold onto until next year, and it would help introduce Grace to new fans throughout 2019 in order to really boost sales of the LP in the late fall.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this marathon editorial.

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