Hi everyone! I’m finally back again with another article! It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found the time to write.

I decided today I would break down one of Grace’s songs. I know they’ve all been done at this point, but I figured it would be interesting to hear how different individuals interpret Grace’s lyrics. I find it interesting to hear different age groups and what they have to say. So, today I will be breaking down “Sick of Being Told” off of Grace’s debut album, “Just the Beginning.”

The first verse:

“I don’t wanna be difficult
at all
But let’s just try it my way,
I mean c’mon”

When I hear this, I think of someone who is begging for another person to just trust them, pleading for that person to believe in them and to do it their way.

“I’ve shown you countless numbers of times
That I can do it
So for one time in your whole life
Just let me try it”

These lines show someone who is saying, “I’ve proven to you I’ve got what it takes, so what’s the deal? Why don’t you believe in me?” This person is asking for someone else to just give them a shot and let them pursue their dreams.

“I’m sick of being told
Of what I should know
I just want to let go
I wanna run away so I can live my life my way”

Grace is saying she’s sick and tired of being told she can’t accomplish her dreams and that she wants to escape somewhere where no one can tell her “no”, and she can do what she wants and be who she wants.

Second verse:
“What’s the harm
To have a little fun
Been so uptight
I don’t mean to fight
I’m just sayin’ what”

Here, Grace is asking,”What’s so bad about enjoying yourself and letting loose sometimes?” She’s also saying that another person is making all of the decisions for her and that she’s telling them “just sayin’ what”, meaning here’s what she wants, even though her opinion doesn’t matter to this other person, and that they decide what she’s capable of and what she isn’t.

“I see stars, you just see holes in the sky
You tell me you see it too
But I know that’s a lie
I dream in the night, just see the darkness of your eyes
I won’t let you change me tonight”

I feel like here Grace is saying she has hope that her dreams will come true while someone else tells her she can do it, but really they don’t think she can. Grace also says she won’t let this person change her mind about her capability and her belief in herself.

Overall, this song is empowering and tells you not to listen to others, but to listen to yourself and your own heart. You shouldn’t let others depict who you are or what you can do. Don’t let others lower your self-esteem. You should remember that in the end it doesn’t matter what others think of you, but what you think of you, so always do what you’re passionate about.

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