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Except for a few diligent Grace fans (looking at you John May) paying attention to her Instagram subscriber list, it’s likely the first time most of them heard of Graham Verchere was when Deadline announced his casting as Leo Borlock in “Stargirl.” While this young actor isn’t a household name, and you won’t find his picture in TigerBeat or J-14 just yet, Verchere has been putting in a significant amount of effort building a considerable resume in a fairly short time. At 16, his first romantic lead may be the breakout role in a short but impressive career so far.

While many of the previous profiles of the cast and crew on “Stargirl” have disclosed connections to New Mexico and the American Southwest, Graham Verchere’s origin and work history point in a decidedly different direction. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, this Canadian actor has done most of his professional work close to home. After being encouraged by the success of his cousin Will, who acted in the Vancouver area on several movies and a pair of television series, Graham and his twin brother Toby Verchere enrolled in acting classes and secured an agent.

Small parts in local theatre and commercials led to a series of roles in television movies and series filmed in and around Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia. Among his earliest credits is voice-over work for the animated “My Little Pony” series. Guest appearances on shows like “Psych” and “Once Upon a Time” were mixed in with featured roles in a series of TV movies that ran on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels. In 2017, Verchere landed the recurring part of Nathan Burgle in the third season of “Fargo”, which films in Calgary, Alberta. This would be his first credit in a series of roles in productions with darker adult themes that the growing Verchere would land. As the protagonist Davey Armstrong in “Summer of 1984”, his most prominent feature film role to date, he stars as a teenage conspiracy-theorist getting in over his head in a neighborhood mystery. Combining the coming-of-age comradery of “Stand by Me” with the period-piece nostalgia and eerie suspense of “Stranger Things”, the movie provided a significant platform for Verchere to showcase his growing skills.

One of the early television series appearances, on the show “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, gave Verchere his first role playing the young version of an adult character in a flashback. He would again find himself in a similar situation appearing as a recurring character in “The Good Doctor”, also filmed conveniently in Vancouver. As the young Shaun Murphy, Verchere highlights his impressive research and acting skills playing a teenage genius with autism. In this role, he came in contact with Dylan Kingwell, who plays the character’s brother Steve, and with whom Verchere keeps in contact through public social media.

Verchere’s skills include singing in various roles, and learning to play guitar as part of the prep for his starring role in the live-action/CGI “Woody Woodpecker” in 2017. As the male lead in “Stargirl”, Graham Verchere brings an impressive array of abilities and talents, along with a significant amount of acting experience in one so young. While this may be his first role with a major romantic element, he should prove more than up to the task.

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