Grace’s Instagram Livestreams normally come to us when she’s bored out of her mind and suffering from sleep deprivation (generally speaking), or when she wants to communicate specific information to fans to correct a misunderstanding, or to share new music before she gets the record label involved.

Yesterday’s livestream was a pleasant surprise. Grace was wide awake, in no mood to do schoolwork, and supremely comfortable around her teenage castmates from the set of “Stargirl”. Her easy ear-to-ear smile spoke volumes about how satisfied she seems to be on a film set, despite the constant pressure to do a legally mandated minimum amount of schoolwork.

Her friendship with Graham seems very easy and natural already as well as those with the other cast members off camera in the background. There was a very heartening familial atmosphere present, and I couldn’t be happier for Grace. She’s around people closer to her age, who are also creative and talented artists with whom she has much in common. The anxiety/awkwardness that Grace has described before regarding being around those her age was nowhere to be seen.

I’m very happy for Grace who seems to have found herself where she’s meant to be, surrounded by artists in an environment geared to creating art, whether that’s on a movie set, in a recording studio, on stage before thousands, or in a rehearsal studio.

Not even a year ago Grace was quoted as saying that looking back on AGT and everything that followed her win she often thought to herself: “What have I done? I’ve ruined my life.” I believe she’s realizing now, that she didn’t ruin anything, but rather she saved her life by embarking on this journey, and escaping one of mediocrity and wasted opportunity. She’s not living in a nightmare, it’s a dream, and she now knows it.

Good for you, Grace.

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