Stargirl filming is underway, as of yesterday, and we already have a sneak peak of Grace in one of her many titular outfits.

I’ll leave it to our fashion editor Darksome Night to more authoritatively comment on it, but this particular look is even quirkier than I expected, and the poor girl needs a new bike.

It’s very heartening to see the transparency with which this production is moving forward, especially regarding the cast and crew’s use of, and apparently official freedom to use, social media to spread the word ever so organically.

As it has been confirmed by many outlets this week that are either feeding off of the work of the Albuquerque Journal, or a press release from the production’s publicist, filming will continue into November. This well supports Grace’s comments that she would like to release a new single while filming is still underway as November generally kicks off the Christmas season… Black Friday on the 23rd notwithstanding.

Of course we will get to hear Grace and Ingrid Michaelson belt out “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, but that’s not REALLY new music. I need some new Grace-penned tracks to sink my teeth into. That preview of a pre-demo “Maybe (We Could Be Something)” last month was a terrific tease regarding the quality of what’s coming down the pipe and I can’t wait.

Grace’s Instagram teases of a cartoon girl and cat last week got me thinking her release of “Scaredy-Cat Girl” was imminent, but we haven’t heard anything since… I’ll have to just be Patiently Impatient while we wait.

What do you think? We will get the new single before November, but will we get two as Grace hinted at a couple of weeks ago?

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