I realize Professor of Psychology Jordan Peterson is viewed by some as controversial, but I appreciated his comments on the subject of storytelling recently as he’s very well learned and published on the subject, most specifically regarding archetypal myths, legends and religious scripture. His thoughts applied rather appropriately to Grace’s music as well, though he didn’t express it directly, and why we, all of us, children, teens, and adults alike, can connect so easily with Grace’s songs.

Great stories are representations of patterns of adaptive behaviour and they operate at multiple levels… The fact that a great story is true at multiple levels of analysis simultaneously is what gives them depth. So when you say a story is deep “Hey, here’s a meaning. Oh, look here’s another one.” The meanings often exist in parallel with one another, supporting each other in a matrix of fundamental truths.

What Peterson stated above is why I can take a song that seems on its surface to be literally no more than fluff like “Florets” and go down a rabbit hole miles deep, projecting upon it an argument that it is an exercise in applied hypnotic theory, and further that it is about more than friendship, or romantic love, but quite possibly a spiritual connection with God. Grace’s songs, not just the lyrics, are multi-layered; the melody and rhythm supporting the content of the lyric, the phonetic structure of the lyrics supports the melody and perhaps a secondary purpose of influencing the listener into a suggestive state.

I’m not saying Grace is doing any of the above on a conscious level, though she may well be, but either way it points to her genius, one that will one day finally be recognized by the majority of those who are aware of her art.

This article was first posted on VanderVault’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yfl9ID8F0g&lc=Ugz3FpQb46oqHT0f_np4AaABAg