IMDB this morning lists two more new actors to the cast in addition to yesterday’s official announcements and the still yet unconfirmed ‘Artemis” as “Mallory Stillwell” casting IMDB claims.

Shelby Simmons as Hillari Kimble
Artemis (unofficial) as Mallory Stillwell
Annacheska Brown as Tess
Lucinda Marker as Principal Sutters

That’s nearly everyone accounted for, and it’s looking good.

I also wanted to address as an aside a subject that came up in a couple of “Topic -” threads yesterday and today in our “Graceful Conversation” forum here on the Vault YouTube channel…

Harlechmaker commented yesterday that Graham Verchere is likely the star of the film, and though that may end up being the case, it really all depends on how Hahn, Hart and Horowitz have adapted the novel.

The entire book is told from the point of view of Leo, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for how the movie’s narrative unfolds. We may simply get enough expository narration from him to drive the plot forward, and provide some background, but I doubt the story will be told entirely from his perspective.

Why do I believe this? Unless this movie is shot with one camera and Graham never appears “in frame” unless when passing by a mirror, we will be provided with more than one perspective on the goings-on in the film. It’s entirely possible that no scene will not feature Leo (wrap your mind around that double-negative), but that doesn’t mean the camera is always on him.

We should also take into account that not all novel adaptations are afforded the luxury of enough time to film every scene from the source material, even if said source is a very short novel. To the point, they will most likely only use the strongest scenes in the book, and with the exception of a couple of scenes that solely take place between Archie (the mentor) and Leo, all of the best scenes feature Stargirl, and even when she’s not physically present in a scene, everyone is talking about her.

I do agree with Harlech’s assertion yesterday, and one that I’ve made here a few times over the last couple of months, is that Grace will be credited with “And introducing Grace VanderWaal as Stargirl”. It’s accurate and won’t offend the other actors with years of hard-won experience.

None of the casting announcements have made me worry that this movie is not being taken seriously by everyone both behind and in front of the camera. I’m still very confident that this movie is going to be award-worthy…whether that’s through Emmy, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, or a festival run remains to be seen. What do you think?

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