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Maria is the reigning queen of the FanderWaals and has been since Grace’s journey to fame began. Grace fans the world over owe a great debt of gratitude to Maria for all she has done to support Grace and provide us all with the latest and greatest breaking news for exactly 2 years this month. Have a great day, Maria!

Okay, yesterday, right?

Not only did we get three, possibly four, new casting announcements, but Grace, in an interview with fervent supporter Billboard magazine, announced that she plans to release a single, “or two”, while she’s busy filming Stargirl and that she plans to drop a big single and an EP in time for Stargirl’s release on the yet-to-be-named Disney Streaming Service late next year.

First the casting announcements, official, and then otherwise…

Officially confirmed:

Giancarlo Esposito: Most recently best known for his role as Gus Fring on AMC’s Breaking Bad and its spinoff Better Call Saul. It is assumed Mr. Esposito will be playing the role of Stargirl’s and Leo’s mentor Archie Hapwood.
Karan Brar (of Disney Channel’s Bunk’d), will be playing Leo’s best friend Kevin Quinlan.
Maximiliano Hernandez (of Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) will be playing the role of teacher Mr. Rabineau.

Not yet confirmed:

Elena House (aka ”Artemis”) is listed in IMDB as having been cast in the role of head cheerleader Mallory Stillwell.

The only major roles not yet confirmed are those of Stargirl’s arch nemesis and all around mean-girl Hillari Kimble, her vacant beefcake boyfriend Wayne Parr, and her most ardent supporter and friend Dori Dilson.

I can’t wait to find out who Grace’s foil is in the movie, since much of the tension of the movie, other than the passive-aggressive type between Leo and Stargirl, is the in-your-face aggression emanating from every cruel and bitter pore of Hillari Kimble. I’m really interested to see how Julia Hart and Grace handle the final scene between the two characters.

Previously confirmed actress Darby Stanchfield is set to play the role of Leo’s mother Gloria Borlock.

Moving on to music news…

One, or possibly even two, of the new songs that Grace recorded with Greg Wells in Los Angeles last month, if Grace wasn’t unintentionally mis-speaking (and hoping that her publicist did approve of the interview with Billboard), will be released while Stargirl is being filmed this month and next.

Beyond exciting, and I so hope it’s true. Let’s hope that, when filming wraps and Grace has some free time, she appears on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote the new single, Stargirl, and to raise her public awareness enough to land a spot on SNL to promote both new songs before Christmas (okay those last two are complete conjecture, but it sounds like a fairly reasonable plan of action for Team Grace)!

Exciting times!

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