A lot of music gets a music video, but some, sadly, does not. After all, how could it be logistically possible to give every track on an album a whole cinematic production?

It seems a shame however, so here’s an alternative: a fan’s script for a video concept. I’ve always thought of “Hope for Change” as a very cinematic song, so what better way to start off this new series than with one of Grace’s most underrated songs?

I hope you enjoy.

City bridge
City sounds

Grey skies, grey atmosphere. A few seconds of showing people’s torso’s walking. Pan down to show gritty underpass.

(opening instrumentals)

The camera finds GRACE, sitting against a gritty wall, looking a bit angsty with her ragged clothing and makeup. She begins to sing.

(I tried to wake up today)

She gets up and begins to walk, the camera facing her

EXT. Street from before.

Aerial shot that gradually goes down, and in front of Grace, backing up as she walks.

(Kept making withdrawals, but now we’ve got to pay)

Her dirty clothes seem to melt off, leaving instead an office suit.

EXT. Bus stop

(When will we realize, We shouldn’t touch the fire, ‘Cause now it seems We’ve been pushed to walk the wire)

Business people are awaiting the bus, which is arriving, Grace gets on.

INT. Bus

Grace is singing as she sits at the window seat, gazing out at the world passing by.

INT. Office

Grace is sitting at her desk, people all around, talking to her, yelling at her, holding papers, phones and the like.

(This is just the same old classic stupid day, you never think of what you’re gonna do or say, We don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow, should we worry ‘bout tomorrow? We just hope for some kind of change, just hope for some change)

The camera quickly zooms out, goes out a window, and shows a birds-eye-view of the street, where many business people are walking. Grace is one of them.

EXT. Street

Front view now of Grace. She looks around as she sings. Shots of people with newspapers, a television showing the daily news mounted to a bustop, and the homeless.

(See it, read it, hear it, questions go around so quickly, but I guess that song lures the same old thing)

INT. Diner


Grace is sitting at a business lunch, looking terribly bored.

From here, alternating shots of the different locations, but at the office, Grace stands up for the final chorus, pushing her botherers away, until she is left alone. At the end of the song, we zoom in on her face, and she gives a wry smirk.

This article was first posted on VanderVault’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yfl9ID8F0g&lc=UgzSKlOA-kB7LyD4-O14AaABAg