Okay, what now?

The brief peeks we’ve been afforded, very graciously (thank you!), by Grace, her costar Graham Verchere, director Julia Hart, producer Lee Stollman, and executive producer Jordan Horowitz thus far have been… random?

From Julia and Jordan (happy 10th wedding anniversary BTW) we have very artfully taken photos of Grace clapping while Graham plays a brand new Fender Moonlight ukulele gifted to him by Grace, while Julia’s and Jordan’s 4 year old son looks on, and a follow up photo from a few moments later/earlier that shows Julia laughing while Grace, crouching, speaks to her son while Graham looks on, smiling.

We also have, this time from Grace, a photograph taken in a tunnel of Graham bicycling in front of her with the caption “where my #lincolnaters @”. Huh?

Grace also provided an incredibly short (3 seconds) black and white video of her eating a sandwich, with a Biore strip adhered to the bridge of her nose while on a screen in the background a scene is playing out with a male character off-camera saying, “Well, we just can’t stop going places because…[distorted]”. At first I thought this might be a “daily” from Stargirl, and that it was Graham’s voice, but I don’t believe it is (alright, maybe a 50% chance it is). The caption Grace gave the IG story: “livin my best life”.

From Friday/Saturday we also received a still photo from Jordan (I believe) of Grace and Graham, in character, being filmed in a scene simply labeled “Stargirl Leo” according to the clapperboard that’s partially obstructing Graham. The “clapper”, if I’m reading it correctly also indicates that the codename for the Stargirl production is “Firelight”. Grace is wearing a poorboy hat (not entirely dissimilar from the one she wore on her rooftop MTV Livestream performances and interview a few months back). Her outfit is beyond colourful/quirky, but it’s not a long flowing dress as Stargirl in the novel is often described as wearing. Could this be Stargirl’s look when she tries to conform to a more generic personality and becomes “Susan Caraway”? My suspicion is that this isn’t an actual scene being filmed for the movie, but merely something being filmed for studio execs.

I really appreciate these glimpses behind the scenes, and I’m even more grateful than I know less now than I did before seeing them. LOL

If these are the kinds of leaks we can expect from the production during principal photography, I’m all for it. It keeps us on our toes and guessing, but doesn’t spoil anything. I’m loving it so far.

What do you think is going on in those shots/clips I listed above, and have I missed any?