Yesterday (Friday, September 14th, 2018), “Stargirl” producer Lee Stollman posted to Instagram a picture of the latest “Stargirl” screenplay, the version that the cast used at the “table read” yesterday. I really hope someone captured the event on video for posterity; I’d love to see it.

Who is Lee Stollman? He is a production executive and manager at The Gotham Group, who secured the film rights to Jerry Spinelli’s “Stargirl”.

The entertainment business is a very small world indeed – there’s a reason why everyone gives the advice “Be kind to everyone; you never know who you’ll meet on the way up or down”. Lee began his career in the mailroom of the William Morris Agency (the “WM” in WME). He graduated to becoming an agent at Endeavour in 2002 (Endeavour being the “E” in WME). He joined The Gotham Group in 2008 to expand the company’s production work and to broaden their forays even further into live action.

Lee is most notable as a producer on the successful “Maze Runner” movie franchise.

When I spoke with Jerry Spinelli back in July he expressed the utmost confidence in The Gotham Group and Mr. Stollman.

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