Mark Lalonde continues where Darksome Night (VanderVault’s Style Editor) left off with more of a focus on the business side of the release party, product drop date, and what it all means for Grace’s brand.
[ Editor’s note: Darksome is also a business analyst by trade and could have easily handled this second half of the article, but Mark has to do something around here to earn his keep. 😉 ]

The release party was, number one, completely unexpected as all of us who follow Grace thought she would be on a flight for New Mexico early Monday and not attend a release party by Fender to officially launch her signature series of ukuleles in New York City, but it was welcome news in this relative news drought (relative to how we’ve been spoiled rotten since April) we’ve been going through over the last two weeks.

This party was elaborate, well designed, and looked like a lot of fun. I anticipate a behind-the-scenes video from Blythe Thomas, via Grace’s YouTube channel, within a couple of weeks, to really give us a peek into all of the shenanigans and glamour in equal measure.

I think we should also take note of the aesthetic employed, and how Grace’s Twitter account’s look was changed from supporting Clearly to a single peachy/pink rose against a yellow adobe backdrop. Grace’s outfit as well, as so accurately described in detail by my colleague, was very specifically put together to compliment this new colour scheme, that itself is an evolution of the floral vibe Grace began on the Evolve tour this past summer.

Thus begins the re-branding of Grace’s image, one that will dovetail nicely with her role as “Stargirl” in the Disney adaptation coming next year and being filmed this month and next. Speaking as an amateur graphic designer, I am really loving this new vibe they are putting together for/with Grace.

The interesting, and most telling, information to be gathered from this release party is that there is no information being projected from the party other than Grace personally revealing that her signature line of Ukes would be available beginning October 2nd, 2018. Again, it appears that Team Grace’s, Fender’s, and Disney’s publicists are working closely together to ensure that this event, and whatever press releases/conferences regarding the movie and/or Grace’s music (via Columbia) will have the biggest possible impact.

With filming of Stargirl set to begin on Monday, September 24th, I expect a full cast announcement to be made either the next day, or more conveniently for the cast and crew, on the previous Tuesday or Thursday (traditional press release days).

The cast announcement may come in the form of a press conference introducing the cast. Whether or not there is a live event with the cast, however, a press release will be distributed to generate media buzz. It will be at that time Fender will release footage and coverage of the release party this Monday along their own press release with details as to pricing of Grace’s signature line and ordering information along with a possible direct tie in to to movie.

Considering the character of Stargirl is intricately linked to a ukulele, Fender would be foolish to not capitalize on that fact and it appears that they are not fools. All of this cross-promotional fusion only benefits Grace and will re-introduce her to the public at large who have moved on since America’s Got Talent of 2016. They will be shocked to see how much Grace has grown, and be doubly impressed that Fender has made a deal with her, making her the youngest Fender Signature Series artist in its storied history.

This cross-promotional push will also help to establish Grace in the public eye as a true all-round artist who not only is a recognized musician worthy of a signature line of instruments from the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments on the planet (street cred), but also an actress in a starring role, and, fingers crossed, a new single on the way, or to be introduced at that same event.

Okay, that last prediction is perhaps wishful thinking on my part, but it would be a solid and bold move if the track is ready to be released.

Team Grace has one year to raise Grace’s profile leading up to the release of Stargirl, and it looks like they (Columbia and Fender) are finally ready to put their full promotional weight behind her.

UPDATE: Parade magazine has already posted an interview from the Fender event where Grace briefly speaks about Stargirl, the process she and Fender used to create her signatures series ukes, her tree house, performing and the future.

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