It’s not our intention to dredge up any negative events from the past, but we’ve been receiving questions about our new topic guidelines that were introduced last week.

Essentially, the ground rules laid out then, as a request from the VanderWaals, were a little too generic and so we’ve broken them down, and expanded them a bit further to try and help our subscribers and frequent commenters figure out what’s happening. That being said…


Acceptable subjects of conversation in the VanderVault forums:

1) Whatever the subject of the editorial of the day is

2) Grace’s music

3) Grace’s acting career

4) Grace’s philanthropy & activism

5) Industry News (music, film, relevant entertainment industry topics in general)

6) Fan concerns/controversies, if handled in a mature, respectful and intelligent manner


Unacceptable subjects of conversation in the VanderVault forums:

1) Grace’s appearance (meaning no discussions of body shaming, objectification)

2) Grace’s personal life (no shipping, and no disrespecting her friends or family)

For those who have been following our forums since the beginning these guidelines will not feel alien. They are a bit tighter than they used to be, but only by about 30%.

We hope you will not feel too encumbered by them.

Thank you!

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