Hi! I am finally back after a very long break. I decided today would be a good time to write, so here I am.

Today I will be breaking down Grace’s song, “Moonlight”.

“Moonlight” is one of my favorite Grace songs because it has such a deep message.

It begins with these lyrics:

“She always has a smile, from morning to the night
The perfect poster child, that was once in my life
A doll made out of glass, all her friends think that she’s great
But I can see through it all, and she’s about to break”

This verse talks about a girl that has a fake persona and appears to be extremely happy when really, she is depressed and sad. These lyrics remind me of all of the famous celebrities we see who have fake internet/media personas.

They appear to be happy and cheerful. They have lots of money, wear expensive clothes and jewelry, and have millions of fans. Why would they be unhappy? Why would they be so depressed?

All of the millions of people that follow them, whether on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, are all total strangers. Followers don’t make you permanently happy. It is only temporary. It is trivial and unimportant. Fancy cars or homes won’t make you happy either. They might for a little while but not forever. Having real friends and people that you love and that love you back is what makes you truly happy.

In the song, Grace is saying she can see through this girl and that she’s upset even though the girl is trying to keep it a secret. All of the girl’s friends think she is happy and content, but she is hurting inside.

The chorus goes like this:
“Remember last year when you told me
to always stay here and never leave me?
The light from your eyes made it feel like
we were dancing in the moonlight”

Grace is recalling a memory of when the girl was still happy. Grace discussed the meaning of the song and here is some of what she said: “It wasn’t actually a year. It just rolls off the tongue. I feel like this song is really looking back. It’s a memories song looking back on all the memories and kind of thinking about them and being like, “Just last year you were you and I was me and we were together as each other.” A year seems so long saying out loud, but looking back on memories can seem so short.”

“Remember last year when you told me that these will be life-long stories?”

This line talks about doing crazy things together and knowing that one day you will remember those times. They will be memories that you will remember for a very long time after they happened. You will be talking about them together when you’re older.

Grace said, “It’s sad to think that might not happen.”

“Now she lost her way and she forgets to smile.
Never gets a break from this life in denial.
A doll made out of glass,
all her friends think that she’s great.
But I can see through it all and she’s about to break.”

Now Grace is saying this friend has come undone. She’s still fooling her friends, but Grace sees right through her.

“I, I, I, miss those memories
we used to share just you and me.”

Grace is saying she misses having her happy friend. She misses all the times they spent together. She wishes her friend was still her friend. The overall meaning of the song is seeing depression in someone you know and watching it consume them over a short period of time. You think of all the fun times you had together and wish you could go back to the way it was.

One of my favourite songs.

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