I wrote a draft earlier this morning that was diametrically different from what follows, but after having discussed the controversy directly with Dave VanderWaal this morning, I have decided to continue my involvement with the VanderVault Project.

In order to do this, however, things will be handled differently moving forward.

To accommodate The VanderWaals’ desire to protect Grace, the VanderVault will only permit the discussion of Grace’s music, acting career, and philanthropy. Her physical appearance and personal life are off limits from this point forward. This is pretty much in line with what we were already doing, so it won’t be much of an adjustment for us here on this channel.

I have appointed more moderators to enforce these guidelines. I fully expect, however, that this won’t be an issue for our subscribers as you all have been very respectful in the past and I’m sure will continue to do so moving forward.

The controversy surrounding the “creepiness” of adult male fans wasn’t quite as it was advertised by Greg Wells (a 5-tweet-per-day metric to determine inappropriateness), but it was rather the content of the tweets/comments that Grace had issue with according to Dave. Obviously, I can live with that and fully get behind it.

Grace is a genius songwriter and performer, but she is still just a kid living in a very chaotic and highly sophisticated world (of fame and its pitfalls) that challenges most adults.

Upon reflection it wasn’t fair of me to expect her to appropriately handle a situation as delicately as I would have liked. I tried to visualize myself at 14 in her shoes and started sweating at the thought of how I would even begin to deal with fame, social media, and millions of fans (especially the few hundred creepy ones lurking about). Not only would I have not done any better than Grace, my parents would have most likely had to check me into a mental health facility for a few months to try and recover from the stress and anxiety.

So, bygones are bygones. We’re moving forward, but with a bit more direction in mind.

To recap the new rules (they’re simple):

  • Only discuss Grace’s music, acting career, and philanthropy.
  • Her physical appearance and personal life are off limits.

If you are of my demographic (a middle aged (+) man), I certainly understand how you might have been deeply offended over the last few days. While Grace can be forgiven for not dealing with this controversy more delicately, or appropriately, Greg Wells has no such excuse.

I do not forgive him for painting slanderous accusations in such broad strokes as he did. I also do not expect he will provide any apology whatsoever as he doesn’t seem the type. Fine, he can have whatever opinion he likes, as will I have one of him moving forward. He created this mess and really should take some responsibility to clean it up, though I have no expectations he will. Shame on him, but having said that, I’m putting this ugliness behind me and moving forward, and I hope you will as well.

This article was first posted on VanderVault’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yfl9ID8F0g&lc=UgxNSpyO9rsL9mJAadF4AaABAg